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vocabulary: cooking and food

Here you go - many, many food vocabulary pages and glossaries. Food blogs are very popular - excellent reading practice too. There are also many internet sites about cooking and food from around the world. If you are looking for ways to write about cooking and recipes in your culture, do an internet search for English language pages about your country's cuisine.

For example, searching for "German recipes" turned up 249,000 pages, including:
and many, many more...

Try this with cooking and recipes from your country or region. In addition to "recipes," try "cooking" or "cuisine." Searching for "New Mexico cuisine" turned up 594 pages. A search for ["New Mexico" + recipes] turned up even more.

Do a search for recipes from your country. Read some of the pages that you find. Share the best sites that you find. Tell us why they are better than the other sites. Yes, this means you guys too. Of course you care about food & cooking! You eat. don't you?

Links to Food Blogs
The word "receipt" is an old form that means the same as "recipe". Both derive from Latin "recipere", to receive or take. "Receipt" was first used in medieval English as a formula or prescription for a medicinal preparation (Chaucer is the first known user, in the Canterbury Tales of about 1386). The sense of "a written statement saying that money or goods have been received" only arrived at the beginning of the seventeenth century. "Recipe" is the imperative "take!" from the same Latin verb. It was traditionally the first word in a prescription, heading the list of ingredients (frequently abbreviated to an "R" with a bar through its leg, a form that still often appears on modern prescription forms). "Recipe" has been used alongside "receipt" since the earlyeighteenth century in the sense of cookery instructions, gradually replacing it over time so that "receipt" is now archaic

Whether you are a food novice or an experienced cook, we are sure that our Glossary will help. To help you find what you are looking for, we have divided our Glossary into 2 sections: food terms and cooking terms. In the Food Glossary, you will find information on a wide range of ingredients including the different varieties and forms of ingredients (eg: fresh pasta and dried pasta) as well as suggestions on how to store, prepare or cook ingredients. In the Cooking Glossary, you will find simple explanations for a wide range of cooking techniques and skills.

Food & recipe Sites

Activities with Food & Cooking Vocabulary


  1. Hi teacher Vanessa,

    Thank you indeed for the very interesting links about cooking and food. there is no doubt that all the sites you have suggested have something important and different from others to add,but I prefered: the foodnetwork, the cook's thesaures, the searchable on-line archive of recipes( I found that the moroccan recipes are written with a perfect description),epicurious food dictionary...

    On the other hand, I did an internet search for"morocco+ cooking".the best siteS I can found ARE:
    I choiced those sites for the best quality of the description of the direction and photos.

    Finally, my favorite food blogs are:
    Thank you again for everything.

  2. Ms. Vanessa,

    I don't have much interest in cooking but I know how to cook various Indian food items as well as some of the Chinese items like Chow-mein which is my favourite food item.

    I prepare very delicious mixed vegetable rice with soya chunks. But, I was quite weak in English vocabulary of food items. Thanks for sending such nice links.

    I can make chapatis (Roti) but not in round shape due to lack of practice. (It is a type of roti or Indian bread eaten in South Asia. In many areas of South Asia, particularly the north of the subcontinent, it is the staple food. It is made from a dough of atta flour (whole grain durum wheat), water and salt by rolling the dough out into discs of approximately twelve centimeters in diameter and browning the discs on both sides on a very hot, dry tava or frying pan (preferably not one coated with Teflon or other nonstick material). Each disc is then held for about half a second directly into an open flame, causing it to puff up with steam like a balloon.)

    Rest in my next letter.


  3. Khadija

    I'm glad to hear that SOAR (the searchable online archive) gets a thumbs up from you. That is the one I use when I want to find a recipe for dishes from other countries that I remember and miss.

    I think our notion of collaborating on an international food blog is very promising. I can contribute Cajun, New Mexican, and New England / east coast recipes.

  4. More food blogs

    The Kitchen Review

    Roving Gastronome

    Kitchen Hints and Tips

    Big Sweet Tooth

    Recipes, Food and Cooking

    Eat This

    Food Follies


    Kitchen Parade

  5. Hello
    Ms. Vanessa,
    Your posting about cooking and food has been very informative for me. Thank you for giving lots of information about food. Though I could not go through all the links but each and every site is awesome. I just can't resist myself to visit the rest of the sites. I learned lots of new cooking vocabulary some of them I always heard in food channel I just guessed the meaning now I learned also. Like Khadija I also found the searchable on-line archive recipes very useful. Thanks to Khadija I found also very helpful lots of vegetarian recipes are there. Some of my favorite recipe sites which are also very handy to me,
    Thanks again because of this posting I came to know many effective tips which will be nifty.

  6. Recipes from Greece
    Hi. I look for a recipes from Greek kitchen and until now only this one is close to Greek culture and traditions.
    The most popular and delicious recipes of my country are the following:

    Greek Traditional Salad :
    This is one of the sallad that every tourists in my country taste. Three years ago when I was working as a waitress, the tourist order only this salad for launch.

    Tzatziki :
    It is the second type of food that the people choose almost always in their launch. Not only the tourists choose this appetizer but it is the favorite and to us.
    Souvlaki with Pitta Bread:
    It's so delicious!!!! Once a week we eat this food. But is not too healthy if we eat it every day.

    I 'll look for another sites and I'll write to you as soon as I can.


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