Friday, July 29, 2011

Broadsided: Responses: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011


Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

At Broadsided, we believe that art and literature belong in our daily lives. We believe they are not just decoration, but essential communication. They inspire and they demonstrate the vitality and depth of our connection with the world.
Moved by the plight of post-tsunami Japan, Broadsided artist Yuko Adachi sent us the image "Love Heals Japan" (see right) and asked if we would help her find writing to accompany it. We were inspired by her idea, and decided to ask other Broadsided artists if they had been similarly moved and, if so, if they'd be willing to share their work.
We posted that art, and asked writers to respond. Below are the collaborations that resulted, as well as a short note from the writers and artists about this process. We hope that you will download, print, and share these with your community.
Yuko has created a high-quality giclee print of her collaboration with Hugh Martin. You can purchase it on Etsy. All proceeds will go to the relief effort in Japan.
Click each image below for the pdf; scroll down for more information about each collaboration.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

add your 2¢ worth

What area of English do you want to work on and Why? What is your personal goal?

How would you assess your English level?

  • Listening comprehension? 
  • Speaking? 
  • Reading? 
  • Writing?
What features would like to see added?
  • Text to Voice
  • Chat
  • Private group
  • Other
Use the comment feature to answer or add anything else. No rude language, spam or inappropriate comments please.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Language Learning MOOC for English

I wrote about MOOCs (☜ watch the video) or Massive Open Online Courses a while back when I was taking the PLE/PLN course - a MOOC called PLENK (for Personal Learning Environments and Knowledge Networks). Remember all the PLE and PLN graphics? Back then that we could adapt the ideas here for an open online study group. Now someone is doing just that, although a class rather than a study group.

What do you think?

Read the post, think about it and let me know. Then we can start planning how to do it.

"A MOOC course structure seems to usually be centered on topics such as online learning, teaching practices (M-learning), learning about connectivisim, or other such related fields as education and e-learning. Adapting the MOOC structure for some topic not related to the field of education itself would pose some challenges considering the participants would likely not be comprised mainly of educators or even people with an affinity for Distance Education technology and innovation. As others have pointed out, the effectiveness of a MOOC structure is partially dependent on the subject matter; not all subjects lend themselves to this style of information presentation. However, some especially do. Language Learning might be ideal for this type of course design.

Since being introduced to the MOOC earlier this year, I have often thought about how a Language MOOC might play out. This post is an explanation of why I think Language Learning suits the MOOC structure"

Friday, July 08, 2011

Digital Delights for Learners

Sites for learning & developing creativity ~ many links to free and fun to use learning resources including courses, music, games, reading and study tips, subject specific pages (art, history, grammar, geography, science, music, ear training, speech accent archives), apps and much more. Follow for daily email updates.
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