Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Friday, April 05, 2013

Using and Advice Column in Class

…how would you use advice columns for your own personal self study plan? Take a look at the lesson plan for ideas. Think about other kinds of advice columns too. There are columns for investing, home repair, cooking, healthy eating, job hunting, hobbies, and more. Not all are advice either. There are columns about sports, movies, music, and more. Find one about something that interests you and read it regularly,

Dear Abby is one of the world's most popular advice columns. Abigail Van Buren provides sound advice in this column which serves as a wonderful source for discussion and practicing a wide range of English skills. This Dear Abby lesson plan takes upper level students through reading, writing, vocabulary extension, pronunciation and listening skills to finally provide advice in conversation. It's a motivating lesson which encourages students to use their English in an integrated manner.

Using and Advice Column in Class
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