Saturday, February 13, 2016

#NRC01PL A Personal Learning #MOOC

for your consideration. Stephen Downes explains in his post on Half an Hour 

This course should interest self-paced learners, ELL instructors, other educators and more advanced English learners. Stephen Downes' Personal Learning MOOC runs February 22-April 8 (7 weeks) and
...explores the topic of learning in three ways: first, through an examination of research and development issues related to the topic; second, through interaction with a personal learning environment (specifically: LPSS) to take the course; and third, through activities supporting the development of a personal learning environment at a conceptual level. 
Course objectives: participants will develop an appreciation of different models of online course delivery, ranging from the traditional LMS through connectivist MOOCs to potential future models of personal learning and performance support.
#NRC01PL Course Registration now open:

Monday, February 08, 2016

SOLE? It's like learning a new language

What is SOLE? It is a  Self-Organized Learning Environment, (SOLE) that can exist anywhere there is a computer, Internet connection, and willing learners.

SOLE is increasingly being used in many different settings, including some where it might not seem a natural fit, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).   
Traditionally an area which relies on individual learning or teacher-led in a classroom.... Prof Sugata Mitra caused a bit of a stir when he gave a keynote speech about learning needing to be far more self-organised at an IATEFL conference. 
...[E]arly findings suggest that while SOLE is not suitable for teaching higher level grammar, it can be effective in terms of language fluency and confidence.... Further research is now being planned between SOLE Central and International House.
Read the rest of SOLE? It's like learning a new language at School in the Cloud
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