Saturday, February 13, 2016

#NRC01PL A Personal Learning #MOOC

for your consideration. Stephen Downes explains in his post on Half an Hour 

This course should interest self-paced learners, ELL instructors, other educators and more advanced English learners. Stephen Downes' Personal Learning MOOC runs February 22-April 8 (7 weeks) and
...explores the topic of learning in three ways: first, through an examination of research and development issues related to the topic; second, through interaction with a personal learning environment (specifically: LPSS) to take the course; and third, through activities supporting the development of a personal learning environment at a conceptual level. 
Course objectives: participants will develop an appreciation of different models of online course delivery, ranging from the traditional LMS through connectivist MOOCs to potential future models of personal learning and performance support.
#NRC01PL Course Registration now open:

More from Downes on how personal learning MOOCs work:

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