Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally I found you. I’m so happy for this.
Mrs Vanessa, Sadamu, Kim ,Tai and all of you..
Thank you for your help and for your patience.
I asked from a friend of mine to help me. So, I think that I’m at the right way.
Now I’m going to read all that you have write, and learn how this blog working .Forgive me if you see any mistakes
Soon I’ll write to you more ..


  1. Hi Mata,

    Welcome to the Board. Earlier, it was little a bit difficult for me also to reach here, but once I follow the directions given by Ms. Vanessa, I reached my destination in no time.

    One thing I must tell you that instead of being addressed as "Mrs. Vanessa", she wants to be addressed as "Ms. Vanessa". That's what she told me.

    Mata, we all make mistakes so don't worry about them and keep on studying and writing. It will help.



  2. Hi Mata,

    I'm happy that you can join us. I hope we will enjoy learning English together.

  3. Hi Mata

    It's nice to see you on the blog. I had same difficuty of joining the blog.

    I'm also reviewing whole the blog little by little, so I'll catch up other class mates soon.

    Don't you think that this blogging English is very nice? I can easily
    know what current topics on class are and what class mates posted by reading this blog.


  4. Hi Mata,

    Nice to have you with us. I also took a little time to join the blog ,so don't worry, once you have been here we all can enjoy learning together. The more we will join more we will obtain new ideas and topics to discuss. We all are here student so don't get upset about mistake.

  5. Hello all. Thank you for your answers.I have some promblems to post my comments.

  6. Hi, Mata,

    Welcome. Don't be afraid of making a mistake. We all did that sometimes. I felt this is not only a class, but also a familiy. People here are friendly. I think you will like them too.


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