Sunday, January 07, 2007

Holiday letter to a friend

Hello Friends,

Here is the time to celebrate New Year we have completed one more year .I hope my all friends are doing good. I had many plans what I could not able to fulfill last year I will try to make them happen, one of them is my work. I am planning to start my catering business though my friends are continuously telling me to start by giving lot of complements about my cooking. Now I really have got courage to start. For that I need to do some search and I will have to post an advertisement.

My next plan is to reach my goal about writing and speaking English. I have to be very good in English. Knowing English like a native speaker is one of my dreams. I have to devote more time for that. I like to read health topic, current affairs etc. But I will start reading some novels or story books by grade level so that I can understand my reading level and I also can understand my improvement. I hope we can make our blog very interesting and can bring lot of new learning ideas.

I am taking some computer courses just a few semesters are left now I am planning to take some more classes about some programming language. I will try to continue my studies until I get work permit. These are the things I thought about myself.

We have a nice daughter she is in kindergaden this year she will be in first grade. She likes to draw picture so We decided to enroll her in an art class and will also try to enroll her in some physical activity class like swimming or tennis. Since she does not have any sibling we have to give her full company.

I love to travel different places so my husband is. This year we are planning to go Hawaii I have already visited Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York ,Washington D.C and many more I wish I could visit all over the world.

Now this the time to draw a ending line on my letter I would like to say that the mistakes we made last year we should remember them and we should not make the same mistakes again anyway we learn from our mistakes. I hope this year we will achieve something. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.


  1. Hi, Nandita,

    Thanks for sharing your holiday letter to us. It looks like you have a very busy year to come. Running a business is not simple, but if you are well prepare, I'm sure you will handle it very well. I have a suggestion that you can borrow some books about small business in library so that you can get a lot of useful tips and ideas to start your business.

    I think we all have the same dream about English. That's why we meet here and learn here:) I've learned computer since last year, I did not enroll any classes. I learned it form some books that my husband recomended. He plans to teached me some programming language, too. He told me Melab is great because its language is easier and shorter than others. I remembered that some people in our class master computer and programming. I hope they can give you some advice for this one.

    As a parent, I can tell you are a good mother, having a lot of love and passion for your kid. Perhaps we can exchange some parenting skill since your daughter and my daughter are about the same age.

    Past year had gone and new year just begins. I wish all your dreams will come true.

  2. Hi,Nadita,

    Sorry, I just found out that the email address in my profile couldn't show up when clicked it. Here's my email-

  3. Nandita

    Winderful letter! Another excellent example for other in the clas to follow. It's interesting to read and helps us know you better. Your personal voice comes through strongly. That is very important.

  4. Hi Nandita,

    I'm very glad to meet you. Both of us have the same interests. I'm married , having 3 kids, enjoying cooking, taking corses of computer on the net, and I'm very afraid about work.
    I hope we can change ideas about all things related to cooking, children, computer, English...

  5. Hi Khadija

    Have you posted your introduction yet? If you like, you can do it as part of the annual holiday letter assignment.


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