Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vietnamese's New Year

Hello Friends!
I am Kim. This is my first posting. I want to tell you about the Vietnamese’s New Year in order to give you some understanding about our way of life and customs. How do we prepare for holiday? How do we enjoy it and realize its meaning?
The season of “Tet” occurs around the beginning of February (this year is February/ 18/2007). Every Vietnamese stops his daily labor for preparation of a New Year. “Tet”
has a deeper personal, religions and family.
“Tet” is a time when the family comes together under one roof at whatever cost and from whatever distance. Everybody stops working for the three big days of ‘’Tet”. During the first and the second day, visits between relatives and friends are made. It is a time when that part of the family which is no longer living is paid particular attention and especially venerated.
From town to countryside everyone cares for the “ Tet” and cheerfully welcomes the New Year, everyone hopes for a brighter life. The Vietnamese believe that the first day of the Lunar New Year is the luckiest day in the Year, and if on this day they enjoy a full happiness, they will be prosperous all Year round. Therefore they try to keep mentally gay and easy going in order to hope fortune and happiness would come true to them.


  1. Kim

    It is always interesting to learn more about other holidays.

    Since the actual date of the Vietnamese New Year changes and is not the same every year, how much does it change? Is it on the same calendar as the Chinese New Year?

    Does the Vietnamese New Year resemble the Western New Year in any way?

  2. I believe that the lunar calendar is same with Chinese's. In ancient China, a lot of countries near China were infleunt with the culture of China. the lunar calendar is also called farmer calender because what farmers worked based on it. Here is the web site about the lunar calendar.


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