Thursday, January 25, 2007

Common Problems

Belive it or not, most everyone has problems with the same grammar points. Here are links to handouts that address most of them.

Be patient. These areas all take time to master.



Phrasal Verbs

Verbs with helpers

Verbals (Hypergrammar)


A quiz on verbals

Basic Punctuation

End punctuation


Grammar Tutorials


  1. Be an active learner! Don't be a passive student.

    Comment on grammar lessons and resources. Let me know if you find these links useful. Let me know if you want resources for other grammar topics.

  2. Hi Ms. Vanessa,

    I have not gone through all the sites except on phrasal verbs. The site of 'OWL' is awesome. I took out a print-out and will try to master these.

    Thank you very much,



  3. Hi teacher Vanessa,

    I need to study all this areas, since I'm still beginner. I saved all the links in my favorite by the Lack of time, but when I will be free, I will give the priority to tenses.

  4. Khadija - they're called "common problems" for a reason.

    Everybody has his or her own special problem area. Identifying it doesn't solve all your learning problems but does simplify the process somewhat.

    English verb tenses will be more like French than Arabic but they are not exactly the same. Since you are used to French, learning the differences between tenses in French and English could be helpful. Here's a page explaining the differences.

  5. Hello

    'Common Problems' is another very helpful posting for us who are beginner. I went through almost all the part. This is vast it will take me long time to cover everything. I need to know more about modal verbs like 'could-have, would-have, and suppose to. The thing I would like to improve though it looks very simple but still I can not understand ‘article’ where to use a and where the. The University of CALGARY is another helpful site where I can spend more time to practice grammar. I think all the topics I will have to study thoroughly.

  6. Hi, Teacher Vanessa,

    I am grade to review the common problems. All of them are sure important to us. When I review my own writing, I can see many mistkes or somethings that I am not sure if it is correct.
    Articles- it clarifies many questions I had, but I still made some mistkes during the grammar prctices.
    Phrasal Verbs- it is the most difficult part for me. Same verbs can go with many different prepositions. Some of them are separable,but some are not; some of them can have an object, but some have to need another preposition to do so.
    Gerunds & Infinitives- this is one of the problem I have, not sure how to use them correctly in my writing.
    verbs with helper- I seldom use 'HAVE GOT TO + Verb' because I am not sure how and when to use it.

  7. Ginyin

    Avoiding constructions you don't have a handle on is a very sensible policy to follow. Eventually, after hearing them over and over and coming across them in reading, you will "assimilate" them well enough to use them. But don't force it.

    Idiomatic expressions and slang are always tricky anyway. Most of the time, you don't really need to know how to use them correctly as long as you understand them when someone else usese them.

    Phrasal verbs are almost always idiomatic. From the perspective of language history, they are a Germanic rather than Latinate structure.

    You can usually use ["have to" + verb] for ["have got to" + verb]. The ["have got to" + verb] construction has the same meaning but stronger, with more emphasis


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