Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Writing Assignment-- a holiday letter to a friend

Dear friend,

There are a couple of major changes in our family. Our elder daughter, Stephanie, has gone to kindergarten, and we also have a baby boy,Stephen, joining us. I have been busy for a year long to take care of the baby and prepare my daughter for the school.

First few days in school were terrible. Stephanie was crying and not participating any activities because she is very shy and scare; therefore, it is not easy for her to interact with many strangers without our company. I had to stay with her almost everyday to ease her anxiety. Teachers were wonderful. They tried to calm her down and gave her time to get used to it, not to push her. After she came home, we told with her about school. Same thing repeated every single day; however, her attitude started changing a little day by day. Our hard work finally paid off. Now she loves going to school and making new friends there.

Stephen just turned one year old. He starts learning to walk and speak recently and has grown and developed very well except one night in December. He caught a cold and had a fever. I gave him fever reducer to decrease the temperature, but it did not work very well. As a result, he began shaking his limbs and losing consciousness. We called 9-1-1 to take us to ER. He was diagnosed febrile seizure. Since that night, I have been very careful to manage his fever. Although he still had fevers caused by cold or ear infection occasionally, the fevers did not develop into seizure.

New year begins. I will keep doing what I was doing- help kids do well at school, and make sure each family members is healthy. I know there will be more challenges ahead of us. It will be another busy year for us. Anyway, I hope you have a joyful year. Wish the best for you and your family.




  1. Hi Ginyin,

    Thanks for giving me so many information about my business and studies. I also read your holiday letter sorry to know about the problem you had with your kids actually we all have this kind of problem with our kids.you are a very good mother too. I have read your first comment about my cooking let me know which indian foods you like most I will give you recipe. If you have time and do not have any objection we can start conversation so that our speaking skill will be improving while writing. I think you already know about skype.New year wiil be interesting to you I wish you all the best.

  2. Absolutely, I will love to talk to you. I think we can talk about many things, like cooking, kids, travel, learning English...etc. You can write me a letter to tell me your ID and I'll add you to my list. You can find my email address in my profile.

  3. Hi Ginyin,

    I want just to tell I admired your personality since you have introduced yourself.I appreciate very much what you do for your family and for others.


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