Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My writing assignment, My big matters in 2006

Dear Sir,

I was very busy last year. It was due to my hobbies. I joined new contract bridge club and I developed my activity in playing ocarina. It was no doubt that my big matters in last year were both of them.

I've been a manager of a contract bridge club for aged people which has 30 members and I've held a monthly bridge party for several years. Last year I became to be interested in playing it in higher level club and I joined another club additionally. As a result, I made myself very busy. I spent full five days for playing it in a month. I have to make preparations for it in remembering bidding rules precisely before plays and I reviewed my play results. Though I made many mistakes in games, I can't stop playing it.

My second big matter in 2006 was playing ocarina. Since I began to play ocarina, I became to be able to play several songs. I mainly made a practice of playing ocarina daily for short time by myself outside of my house. I practiced it with my group members once or twice in a month. I visited several old aged homes with my group members and played ocarina in front of them. I wanted to entertain them by playing ocarina. In addition to this, I had a chances to perform my playing ocarina on the stages of halls. Although I had to practice playing ocarina before it, it was nice to play ocarina on stages.

As I made New Year's Resolution last year, I couldn't achieve some of them. To my regret, most of them were about learning English. I didn't read English novels. I couldn't continue to try to remember 5 words a day.

Fortunately I have two kinds of e-book already. I will read L.M. Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables" by this June and E.M. Foster's "Where Angels Fear to tread" by the end of this year.



  1. It's nice to see you so active in socail events because you will get benefit from them - stay health and get happier.
    You did a great job in 2006,that is, managing a club and having a performance on a stage are two incredible accomplishments. I beleive that as long as you want to do it, you will get it done:)

  2. Hi Ginyin
    Thank you for your comment. I'll try to do my best this year too.
    I hope that I can write to you on next New Year Day, "I've done better than last year!"

  3. Ginyin

    I agree - and think Sadamu is being too modest.

    I think Sadamu should make an audio file of his playing to share with us.

  4. Hi Sadamu,

    I always enjoy reading your writing and hearing your news. Although I'm not the appropriate person to judge your Engish because mine is very poor, I can't wait to tell you that I feel a great progress in your writings.It's certainly due to your hard work and seriousness.

  5. Hi

    I always appreciate your hard work and tenacity to your work. The name ocarina is prety new to me though I am very knovish about musical instrument I know only very few names.How does it sound like? It will be great if you can make an audio file of it so we all can listen that. So last year you kept busy yourself by so many good work. I wish you a wonderful new year and good luck.


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