Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thank you for your comment!

Hello Friends!
Dear my teacher,
Thank you for your comment.
‘Tet” Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important Festival of Vietnamese people. “Tet” sometime between late January or early February (depend on Lunar Calendar). ‘Tet” means much more to Vietnamese-Chinese than a New Year’s celebration means to Westerner.


  1. Kim

    Perhaps you and Ginyin could find some good websites on Tet - history, how celebrated, and so on - to share with us. I strongly believe that the more we know about other cultures, the better we can all get along. Living in another culture is the best way, but not everyone is able to have that experience.

  2. Teacher Vanessa,

    I found some good website about the history of Chinese New Year.


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