Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dear all,

I was perplexed for a while which events have been impressed my life last year and have the merit to write about. I finally found two events.

The first one is a prolongation from 2005 and it is about sleeping. It's a long time that I don't sleep for 3 hours whitout intermission. You perhaps wonder what is the matter. So, the event goes back when I gave birth to my kid, Saad. I choiced breast-feeding instead of bottle -feeding. During the first months, Saad got up at night several times and each time I gave him suckling because as I can't measure the quantity of milk, I thought he is hungry. I thought that all will get right when I introduce him fruit, vegetables, cheese.and so on. I have wrong. Now, he has a year and half old and the same thing repeat. I think the problem will be resoluted after the weaning.

The second event is about the idea to run a food blog. Passed at the stage of the realization was not easy, especially if I don't have any technological baggage. I have to start from the beginning. I search on the net courses of web design and photography. Lapse of time I progress slowly, but I will arrive.

My 2007 goals are as following: As Ginying wrote I can say help my kids to do well at school, take care of my family health, and of corse achieve my food blog.


  1. Hi Khadija,

    Nice to know about your last year event I wanted to write to you for long time since I saw your comment, but I was bit confused because I did not find your any posting. Sorry to know about your sleeping distrubance try to sleep when your kid is sleeping too. You also like cooking what kind of food usually you like to cook. Do you like any Indian food
    I wish you a very healthy and prosperous new year and will definitely reach your goal.

  2. Hi, Khadija,

    I know what you have been through. I breadfed my all three children, and I was really tired. I had never had a good sleep during the nursing because I had to fed them every two hours. But it was worthy. Find a way to get some rest, like getting rest when your kid is taking a nap. Trust me it really helpful. Your kids is one and half years old, so milk will not be the main food he/she needs. I will write some weaning process and steps on my blog. Hope it can help you.

    I am looking forward to reading your blog. I think it will be very interesting. Hope you complete all your wishes in 2007.

  3. Hi Calendrula ,

    Thank you so much for your comment. As a reply to your questions, I cook both of salt and sweetened dishs without distinction. Also, I didn't have the opportunity to eat or to make any indian dish. All I know about the indian food is the famous Curry.
    Can I count on you to know some of them?

    Wish you the best.

  4. Khadija

    You don't to know about web design to start a blog. They are very easy and don't require special skill. Take a look at the "tour" on the blogger main page.

    Photography and a digital camera might be assets if you want to take pictures of dishes to put on your food blog - BUT maybe not necessary. You may be able to find the pictures you need with a google image search, Just e sure to credit the original source.

    Here's another thought for your food blog - may you, Nandita, Ning, maybe Mata too, and anyone else interest could collaborate on a food blog. Food around the world...

  5. Hi Ginyin,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I wait with impatience what you will write about the weaning process.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. Hi teacher Vanessa,

    I know that is easy to start a blog because I already had one where I'm doing some tests, but what I want to do is to personnalize it and to have my own pictures.

  7. Teacher Vanessa,

    In parallel of my future food blog, I agree with your idea to collaborate to another one with the contribution of my classmates( of corse if they are agree).

    I think it will be a great way to translate personnaly in English my recipes of cooking, since my future blog will be in French and the sript of translation which I intend to add isn't always effective to give the right meanings.


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