Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year Holiday Assignment

Dear friend Vikas,

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 and secondly it has been quite a long time since we last spoke over telephone or wrote to each other. So, I am breaking the ice.

Last year proved very busy for me. The whole year I was busy in completing my law course and for locating a good Guide for the Dissertation work. Earlier, I had the impression that it would be very easy for me to get an LLM degree but I was under estimating the course. Now, being in the Final year I have to submit my Dissertation work. Last year, I had selected a topic after much discussion with my Professor-in-Charge, Prof. Jeyraj. After rejecting my earlier selected topics on "Theory of Natural Justice" and on "Compulsory Arbitration in Industrial Disputes", ultimately he selected my new topic "Historical Development of TradeUnions in India". It took me three months to complete the Dissertation and next week I am going to deposit the same.

Another important development that took place last year was that I paid a visit to Tsunami struck areas. That was a heart rendering scene. I saw some children sitting by the side of their dead mother. How cruel nature can be was apparent from the destruction in which thousands if not lakhs lost their lives in just 10 minutes. This tragedy should have struck not even to our enemies.

Last year I also joined a course on English conversation in British School of Languages, New Delhi. That was a 3-months course and I was much benefitted by that course. But, still I have a long way to go before taking rest.

How your studies are going on? Pay my regards to your parents.

Will write more in next letter....


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  1. Rajeev

    This letter is much better.

    BUT please tell me: WHO is Vikas? There is no Vikas in this class, so WHY are you writing him?

    Didn't you read what I wrote about writing your letter to the class?

    By the way, the key to writing a good precis is being, first and foremost, a good reader. In order to extract the main ideas of any document you are writing a precis of, you have to read closely and carefully.


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