Thursday, November 08, 2007

English for engineers

Anyone here working in engineering or technical field?

The file is divided into three parts:
PART I -  TEACHING MATERIALS  (Books, websites, software, videos and media, technical magazines)
PART II -  SYLLABUS  (needs analysis, vocabulary, grammar, planning a syllabus,learning about technology)
PART III- CLASS ACTIVITIES(written work, oral work, advanced students)
PS I expect you ALL to respond to our new class member who have introduced themselves on the blog.  Feel free to ask them questions too

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  1. Thank you, Teacher Vannesa

    I am a engineer, the page is very well and it have link to magazines that can help me much.

  2. Adriana

    I have other links for technical writing and will put together another lesson on technical writing. Formats and vocabularies can be very different from business and academic writing. Knowing the forms or genres and the right words makes writing easier.

    A lot but not all technical writing is for engineers - and there are so many engineering fields, each with its own vocabulary.

  3. Hi Ms Vanessa.

    It’s a very good question for all off us.
    I think that I want to make the English language like my native language.
    I like to write reports, essay, thoughts, and stories. Like the newspaper doing, like an Arthur doing. Since I was a child I like to write. Even now. When I must to learn something or to studying something I have best results when I write it.This is the reason that my ‘steps’are small.
    But to tell the truth the last two years I have improve some things. When I want to write something in English , I don’t think my native language first. First English and then Greek.This is something that I couldn’t before. I think was scared.


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