Monday, November 05, 2007


Hello Vanessa and all classmates.I am sorry for I have joined the class so long time but I have not introduce myself to everyone. I am Sundexin.I am 22 years old.I am single. I live in BeiJing of China.My father and mother live in HeiLongJing province of China.I have a sister who live in HaErBin city of HeiLongJiang.She is doctor.I am programmer in China National petrolum corporation.I like studing English very much.I read English news everyday.It is also one of my hobby.
Though I began to study English for years,some basic knowledge is not firmly.For example,my spoken English and grammer are very poor.I am fortunate to know the website.I hope make friends with everyone.


  1. Sundexin

    Welcome to the class blog and thank you for posting your interesting introduction. Do you see how well Sadamu and Mata write - even they might not think so? Their writing improved so much because they write regularly. You can't let worrying about not being perfect keep you from joining in. No one is ever perfect.

    If we wait until we are perfect before doing something, then we will newer do anything.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement.I have confidence in it because I have interest in English.of course,I will study hard.I hope improve English with everyone.

  3. Thanks, Sundexin - but what I don't understand is WHY you registered under a different name than for the ESL class. It is very confusing for me when students do that. Learning, remembering and keep track of one name per student person is plenty. Two per person is more than we need.

  4. nǐ hǎo Sundexin,

    Greeting and welcome, my name's Tai from Thailand. I've joined this class like for 2 years. hmm time fly very fast. btw, feel free to ask anything about english, teacher Vanessa will help you not me :P but we can discuss anyway.

    See you round,


  5. Hello Napoleon . Welcome. It’s very nice that young people like you, want to participate in teams of persons of various ages
    . I have three daughters .One of them –the oldest – is one year smaller than you. I ‘d like to know which is the behavior of children in your age at your country. What are your believe about the majority of them , what are their needs ,their hobby.. and yours of course .


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