Thursday, November 08, 2007


Hello Vanessa and every one my name emey from saudi arabia ,age 24 years , I began learn english before 3 years by my self, in the start was language very difficult but me began study step by step , read the story for children then bought CDsfrom channel bbc from here I understood some of words and grammar after that I trying improve my language then I can read newspapers but I can't understand all words and explore pages of sites..... I wish to be very good in english and will continue doing that even if I take more 3 years againthankyou for you especially teacher Vanessa


  1. Hi Emey

    Welcome to our Blogging English. I'm glad to learn English with you. May I ask about you more? What do you learn English for? Are you a business man? Do you have a family? Where do you live in Saudi? I've never been to your country but I know she is very big.

    By the way, BBC is also one of my favorite sites. I've been learning English so many years, but I still can't listen and understand it.

    I do hope your success in learning English.


  2. Welcome Emey to our blog. My name is Mata and I’m from Greece. As I said to Napoleon it is very good to join us young people. I have heard some things about your country. I think that Greek people like the people of your country. But tell more about your culture.

    I don’t speak English good like you. I read too BBC newspaper, and some others. I look for a grammar rules. Also I like very much to listening English stories and after read them. I want to learn the English accent.


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