Monday, November 26, 2007

traditions my country

my real name is eman it's mean faith in my language arabic but my sisters and friends called me Emey.I happy to being in this blog. in start I said teacher vanessa that I can't join to it because my language not good enough. as often as I said to anyone that I am from Saudi Arabia they says that hear about it but they are didn't know any thing about it. (( the capital for my country is Riyadh, we speaks Arabic, largest of port is Jeddah and numeral of population about 25 million, the weather hot in summer and cold in winter maybe all know it's famous in petroleum whereas find it quarter reserve of the world
and it from first countries which export it. the plant famous is dates. we eat it with coffee but our coffee different from the black coffee it is include Cardamom. by the way, the women wear cover or veil we are called it (higaab) special by women. either education don't mix women with men in schools or universities we have more than 13 university ramify to several colleges from it . I studied and finished my university without I met any boys in seats of the studying. either the working there are committees , schools, associations, clubs and institutes ,special for women we have all freedom inside it but in hospitals the woman working beside men by all honoring and too by veil . maybe you are says in yourself what this complicating but believe me if you visit it will see a beautiful things and places .


  1. Hi Eman,

    It's nice to see you joining this class :) My name's Tai from Thailand. May I ask you some questions, why in your country separates between men and women ?

    I'm a bit curious about how can you have a chance to meet guys or get married ? :P

    I may guess that because of your culture. btw, what do you think about this issue, do you like or dislike or nothing ? :P

    Have a nice day

  2. thanks tai for your comment ... can any women married in easy you can see man which will be her married and he too . thanks for question.

  3. Hi Eman

    How are you?

    Your country is very interest, but a
    I could not live there. I die with 30ºC, I'll visit it in winter, someday :). (I live in Chile).

    What did you study?

  4. Hi Adriana
    thanks for Comment, not all saudi arabia hot but there are area of western is cold all days year . about your question I finished my study in secretary of medical ....thanks


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