Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have some question ...???


I just found some of my mystake in my writing. I don't know what kind of part of speech is this but I will give you an example..

I can use "very big" but I can't use "very huge" because it's already mean "very big" .

I'd like to know what is the key word to google or where can I learn this kind of part of speech.

thank you in advance



  1. Tai

    You might need to experiment with keywords. Very is an adverb used to intensify the effect of adjective.

    Try very + adverb + intensifier


    very + modifier + intensifier

    Look at other intensifiers too. Using other intenifiers besides 'very' will make your writing more interesting.

    You are not going to find a 'rule' for when to use 'very' because using intensifiers can be idiomatic. As a general guideline, however, whenever an adjective already strong, you don't need an intensifier. Don't add one even it would still be grammatically correct. Adding words you don't need is always bad style

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