Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello Everyone

Hello Ms Vanessa and all old and new members.
My name is mata and I’m Ms Vanessa’s class since 2005. I like English language and want some day talk English rightly.
I’m from Greece. I’m 37 years old. I have a family. I have been wedded by young age and now have three big children if comparative them with me. I should to attend my family and thus I could not finish my study. I hope this September to begin the school’s lessons for two years.
All these years where I attended to my family I made a lot of jobs. It was very tedious for me because I was a child. But now I’m very happy for all these difficult years, because I have three daughters who love me and some times take care of me.

I work in a laundry three days a week for this time and from May since September I work six or seven days to week. It is hard work, but I have no opportunity for another better one for now.

I have a lot of hobbies but unfortunately some of them I can’t do. I like very much to exercise my body. At the past I played tennis, after that I entered in a volley team .It was fantastic experience. Now I go to a gym.
Except athletic activities I like to read, to listening music, and to work with photographs and treatment video in the computer’s programme.

These are some things about me. I’d like to hear some news from you too.

Something else… maybe someone from here knows to tell us some things about Halloween


  1. Thanks to both you and Sadamu for such model posts. They are detailed, informative and surely an inspiration to our newer class members. Those who have been with the class longer are like "emiritus" students and assistants.

    Halloween, which comes from "Hallowed" (holy) eve (evening or night) is really a central European holiday and also related to harvest festivals. They are the opposite of spring or planting and fertility celebrations. Harvest festivals have death associations because they mark the end of the growing season. Every culture has harvest festivals but not all would be at the same time of the year.

    Celtic Samhain and Mexican Day of Death holidays belong in this category.

    All that has very little to do with Halloween today. It has become more of a commercial event. English language media have spread it around the world. In the process, it has lost most of its cultural and historical significance.

    But why ask when you can learn about Halloween by doing your own internet search?

  2. hi Mata,
    How are you :) nice to hear from you. Do you start your cook-book-bloging yet?
    hehe, can't wait to see your Greece menu ^^



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