Sunday, November 04, 2007

My self-introduction

Hi All

Hello Vanessa and all classmates. I haven't posted to this blog for long time, so I'd like to introduce myself to new members.

My name is Sadamu. I'm 68 years old. I have a wife and two children. My daughter has married and she has a three years old girl. I now live in Saitama prefecture, Japan.

I began to learn English in Vanessa's class in February, 2004. I wanted to be able to read an article on newspaper in English, to understand radio in English, and to write letters in English.

Vanessa advised me to write my journal in English everyday, to check 5 words which I don't know in a day and to study English 15 minutes everyday.

I couldn't keep all of them. But I have been keeping writing my journal in English. It becomes my hobby now. I can't go to bed without writing it.

I now read an article of New York Times front page but I still feel difficulties to understand them without dictionary. I use English-English dictionary often. But my dictionary, American Heritage is a little hard for me now.

Hearing in English is still difficult for me. I guess it is because of my poor vocabulary.
Now I'm interested in speaking English additionally. I'm taking conversation class every month.

I think I made big progresses in writing English. I have three pen-friends who exchange e-mail in English. Two of them live in USA.

Now I have three hobbies. I practice to play ocarina for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. I have played for two and half year but I'm still in beginner level.

I'm now crazy about playing contact bridge. I spent nine days for it last October.

I'm still working at hotel for 5 hours a day, half of a month. So I am now busier than when I was in my active service.

By the way, Halloween is not popular here in Japan. I do nothing about it.


  1. Sadamu

    How wonderful to hear from you! I've missed your messages and reading about your projects and interests.

    Your listening comprehension difficulties may have more to do with taking up English late. Brain plasticity has a lot to do with language learning. That is why it is easier for children to learn languages. After a certain stage in brain development and wiring, you quite literally cannot distinguish certain sounds unless your brain learned to recognize them earlier.

    So letters and pronunciations that don't correspond to sounds in Japanese are going to be hard for you to understand - nothing to do with vocabulary. I don't think it is impossible - just very hard and slow going.

    You have made huge progress with reading and writing. Have you thought about reading out loud, recording it and playing it back to listen to?

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you very much for your explanation about my listenining comprehension difficuties. I'll continue to listen to radio and watch TV on webs. I hope that I can understand them some day.

    I have read out articles loud, but I've never recorded it and played it back to listen to. It's likely to be a good way for me. I'll try it.

    Thank you again for your advice.

  3. Hi Sadamu
    I read your introduction and I like it you trying to be good step by step...this is very good . I will write soon the steps which helped me to improve my english and I will be indeed pleasure for working with you
    take my greeting

  4. hello Sadamu, long time no see. I'm not sure if you still can remember me or not because I haven't shown up very often lately. btw, have a good time tho :)



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