Wednesday, September 29, 2010

May I ask you a question?

Takeshi and all,

Yes you may ask a question, but please ask here by posting questions to the blog. You may have misunderstood the assignment and perhaps the procedure. I don't see any comments posted to the PLN topics. Collaboration and written discussion by posting to the blog are an important part our projects and assignments. 

Instead of writing privately, you and Sadamu should have posted comments and questions to the blog. When I send my answer to the blog as I am now, everybody shares the information. That may save me from writing 3-4 more students privately when it's not necessary. Of course there will be times for private communication. However, this is not one of them.  

You can show me - in writing right here on the blog. Write out - in your own words - what a PLN is, why you want your network to do, what it should include - and why. You can post this as a comment here or to Sadamu's post. I have to say though, that I think everyone would benefit by more discussion and sharing ideas. I'd also like to post more ideas and materials on the topic.   

As for "group," the study group is your group here. We are all part of your learning network, but we are not the entire network. Other parts can be blogs you follow or another ESL group. Another requirement is using different web 2.0 tools. These might include subscribing to an ESL newsletter, using social bookmarking to save and organize online learning resources, and more.

There is no one best way to construct a PLN. Each one is individual. Junai's will probably include here SL group. Sadamu's and Oksan's could include any place they practice speaking English. Start by making a list of people you learn with and every place online you get study help or materials.

I've been working on a PLN for an online course I'm taking: Multiliteracies PLN. It is still a "work in progress." Your comments and questions will help me make improvements.
Multiliteracies PLN in progress at - not complete but at least underway. I added a note pad at the top of the page to make notes about what to add, changed both page title and community tab and added material to a few empty tabs while deleting others. Networks are like that: changing one strand or thread changes the rest. No strand is an island.


From: Takeshi Aramachi <>
May I ask you a question?

Teacher Vanessa,
I am glad to say that I am now ready to start a PLN. Up to the time of this writing, however, I have no group members in particular, and would be happy for you to let me know when, what and how I should go ahead as a next step.

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