Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assess your English without a test


Use these definitions to help you quickly assess your skills in English. It only works if you are honest with yourself and realistic. Needless to say, you can be intermediate in one skill area and beginner in another, and so on.  

You have no prior knowledge of English.

You can participate in short unaided dialogues--saying very simple sentences, and asking and answering simple questions. You are familiar with the basic grammar of English and know a little vocabulary. You tend to speak slowly and have difficulty understanding spoken English.

You can engage in longer conversations. Fluency and accuracy is average. You know a range of grammatical rules and an average number of words in English. You understand about 50-60 percent of what you hear said in English when spoken at a slightly slower speed.

Can actively take part in discussions and give detailed reports on events. Fluency and accuracy with grammatical structures, vocabulary and expressions is fairly high. You can watch movies, TV, the news in English and understand most or all of what is being talked about without aid.

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