Wednesday, September 08, 2010

welcome to our group

Here's a quick "shout out" and hearty welcome for Blogging English's new members, Junai, Xuan Bui, Hala and Zoh.  Junai has been very active posting comments. All have written me private introductions as part of their applications. Now it is time to introduce yourselves to each other and the members of the group blog. 

Think of your written introduction as writing out what you might say about yourself when meeting new acquaintances or colleagues in person. Take a look at the tag cloud on the right hand side of the page. Click the "introduction" tag to see examples of introductions other blog members have written.  

Here are some links to help you:
  • How to write a self-introduction speech
  • How to write a personal essay ~ longer than a self-introduction speech but the same idea. If you apply to study at university in an English speaking country, your application will probably include a personal essay or statement. Many TOEFL topics include elements of the personal essay.
  • Writing a personal statement ~ somewhat more formal than a self-introduction or a personal essay. You will be expected to write personal statements in cover letters for job applications, sometimes as part of grant applications
Of course, I don't expect you to write a personal essay or statement. Just introduce yourselves. Tell us where you are from, something about yourself and your interests, why you are here and what you want to accomplish. 

Don't forget to respond to one another's introductions. Feel free to ask questions too.

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