Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introduction thread

Welcome Kazem, Ahmed, Junai, Hala, Zoh and Huan Bui. You've already introduced yourself to me. Now please introduce yourself to the rest of the Blogging English group. Feel free to ask questions. Sadamu has already posted a welcome on another thread. I hope to hear from more members.

Please remember to tell us where you are from - country and city or town. Including a link to your home town would be nice.


  1. Hi ! Vanessa, sorry , I 'm studying how to introduce now. And then where can I post my introduction?

  2. Right here.... on the introduction thread. But you don't need to "study how to introduce" yourself. Just do it ~ like the Nike ad. There is no grading or scoring involved - just sharing information.

    What would you tell a new acquaintance, someone you just met and will be working with or who belongs to the same group or club, about yourself?

    The basics would be where you live / are from, what you do, why you are here, something about your interests outside of studying English, and so on.

    Getting to know others takes time. It does not happen all at once.

    By the way all, expect to see more welcomes in coming days. Maybe it's time to nudge less active members too.

  3. Anonymous5:05 AM


    My name is Oksana. I'm from Ukraine. I'm a school student.
    I'm a very active person. I love doing pretty much anything...that's why I have different hobbies and interests.I study foreign languages, do skydiving and I love to travel. I do some volunteer work in my town. Also I write songs and compose music and I love to play my guitar.
    I'm studying English for 3 years. Mostly, I study it by myself using some English textbooks and I study English online. I'm interested in English-speaking countries and its culture.

    Thanks everyone for the attention!

  4. Welcome Oksana. What a lot of interests. You can use them here too. For example, there's an area of ESL instruction that uses music and lyrics for learning English ~ I bet that would suit you.

  5. Welcome Junai, Oksana & others friends,

    I am Rajeev from New Delhi. I am one of the oldest members of this blog but for quite some time past I have not been able to spend much time. But, I hope from now onwards I would spend more time. This blog really helps us in improving our English. Please tell more about your countries, cultures etc.


  6. Rajeev ~ fill me in on how and what you've been doing. Unless you changed fields, you're bound to have sat for your law exams. Are you practicing? Are you still in labor law?

  7. Hi! Everyone and Vanessa, My name is junko Hashimoto.I'm from Japan. I'm a housewife and have 2 children.I have some works in my real life.I teach mathmatics and japanese reading for kids at my house,help teacher for Educable Mentally Retarded students, and be the training manager of my daughters school. Recentry I started study in secondlife. I'm going to start an English activity for beginning and lower intermediate at cypris chat group. It'll start October 5th, I'm preparing with the assistant.

    I like studying English and listening music. I want to talk everyone all over the world.

  8. Junai, I look forward to reading more about Second Life. Maybe others will join you there when they learn more about it.


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