Saturday, September 11, 2010

questions about writing tests

A basic writing list posted questions for teachers about exit exams for basic writing classes. I'm adapting them for standardized writing tests such as TOEFL. 

1)      How long is the writing exam?
2)      Do test-takers know what the writing prompts are before the exam?
3)      Are past prompts available to test-takers?
4)      Are past prompts available online" 
5)      What are the main problems you encounter?
6)      Are you required to use a computer or can you write your exam by hand?
7)      Can students bring in any outlines or notes for the exam?
8)      Can students bring texts or dictionaries or any other sources?

Post answers as comments. I am interested in your opinions about writing exams and what problems you have or expect to have with them.

By the way, I'm still waiting for your introductions. If you want to lurk, that is, of course, your decision. However, the only way to learn how to write is by writing. The only way to learn about one another and start learn together is by communicating in writing. 

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