Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reading Technical Material

Graphic Organizers help students understand the structure of various non-fiction selections, choose important details from text, and organize this information in a visual way. Many of these organizers can be adapted for fiction as well.

Taking Notes

Writing Summaries is a lifelong skill that can begin in the primary years with story retelling. The ability to synthesize a great deal of material into a few words is a skill that must be practiced with easy text and familiar concepts before it can be applied independently with harder material.
SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

Reading Strategies to scaffold interaction with texts

Intensive Reading


  1. Hi teacher Vanessa,

    Thank you for the links about reading techniques.

    Although I can't remember all the literary genres and techniques, I enjoyed very much reading it.

    besides, I found that the link related to the graphic organizers is very useful. I used to organize text written in french or arabic in such graphics.

    finally, the most important reading strategy which attracted me is the SQ3R. I can remember easily its different steps. unfortunately, I can't use it in English because it is advised against on using for language that we still learning. I envisage to test it in french and arabic. Also, I will learn it to my daughters.

  2. Khadija

    Yes, you can use SQ3R. Other reading and applied linguistics experts disagree and recommend adapting SQ3R for reading a language you are learning. The advice against using it may have been for beginning readers who should get used to easier pleasure reading before applying SQ3R.

    Here's a piece from English Zone on applying SQ3R to ESL reading

  3. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for this tips. It makes me to think about my reading skill.

    About SQ3R, I think this is tricky and powerful to organize my reading skill. Normally I always do something like Survey> read through > make the questions and repeat for finding the answers.

    Ok, later on I will make the questions after the survey following this tips. I think it might help me to have some point of reading.

    Thank you again and be funny with learning everyone ^^


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