Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Learn the Net News--All You Need is Love

Learn the Net News
Week of February 11, 2007

Dear Vanessa,

Welcome to Learn the Net News--a weekly roundup of fact and factoids from cyberspace.

It's our Valentine's LoveFest Issue!

Ten LOVELY Things to You Can Do on the Net This Week

  1. Perfect the art of flirting
  2. .
  3. Take the Valentine trivia quiz
  4. .
  5. Generate an instant love poem.
  6. Map where you shared your first kiss.
  7. Explore the science of chocolate.
  8. Watch the classic Beatle's "All You Need is Love” video.
  9. Seduce someone special with a romantic dinner.
  10. Read your sweetie a Valentine's poem.
  11. Calculate the chances of finding your dream partner.
  12. Watch a short history of Valentine's Day.
CoolTool: My Dear Valentine

Instant Greetings

Okay, I'm still a fan of those antiquated Valentines made of paper. But if you forgot to mail one, don't despair. With a few clicks you can send an electronic card to your sweetie.

Personal Computing with Larry Magid

New Online Services Showcased At Demo Show

Every year, about 700 tech industry insiders gather in the desert to look at new products. The event, which is in its 17th year, is called Demo because it's an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their wares. Before they make it to the Demo stage and exhibit hall, companies and their products have to be vetted by Demo executive director Chris Shipley, who said that she looked at more than 300 companies before sending invitations to the 68 selected for this year's show.
Computer Security Tips by Syd Tash

I have repeated countless times never to shop online or give sensitive, personal information from a public computer. Not ever. No matter what security precautions you think you have taken. But what if you’re using your own laptop at a wireless hot spot?

This is somewhat better, but there are still dangers. Follow these minimum steps:
  • Make sure all your security programs are up to date, including Windows (especially including Vista). You do have a full suite of security programs, don’t you? If not, get them!
  • Before giving sensitive info, check that you are on a site that begins with https://... and you see a gold padlock on the lower right of your screen (upper right in IE7). The “s” means secure, although this is not foolproof.
  • Disable file sharing, so no one can peek into your shared folders. Click Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right-click your connection and click Properties. Select the Networking tab and clear the checkbox marked “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks”. Click OK and restart your computer.

Syd Tash is a noted computer security consultant and author of “How to Protect Your Computer from Daily Internet Threats”. He has been keeping surfers safe since the last century.

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