Wednesday, February 07, 2007

more kid pages

More kid pages...

Links to grammar games online


  1. Hi Vanessa and other,

    This is the real treasure. There are so much so useful and helpful links for learning English also both for kids and adult. Thank you very much Vanessa. My son will be find interesting in these grammar games. He is nine year old and his English is very well. Also for me is very appropriate to learn English from time to time through grammar games.



  2. Thanks for listing so many interesting web sites. My kids and I can learn together.

  3. Irfan

    Yes, I need to find and post more of these.

    Serguey, a student from a past online class - and subbed to read and contribute here, felt the same way. He and his daughter especially enjoyed Sesame Street's Grammar Rock. I will always remember his account of how he and his daughter danced around the room to Grammar Rock.

    The other "rocks" (science, math, America, etc) at School House Rock are fun too and good English practice.


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