Monday, February 19, 2007

The informal letter

Hi everybody!

I am writing this letter to our blog class because I want to know better about all members. As I understood, varied people are participating in blog class. Every one of them has different preparation in English. The members are appearing as contributors can to show for general review and reading their articles. However, I not understand how choice topics for these articles? I was glad to read the essays about food dictionary and Happy New Year in Vietnam and I understood that everyone must to write about something that he or she knows lot better than another.

In the not far future, I am going to go to Germany. There I will to pass the training course for new equipment. Several my friends and I will be there just about three weeks. This is my first trip to German. I heard that there very beautiful and fine but I heard too that the relation to people who don't know German is very cool. Is the true or false? This factor is important for me because I can to speak only in English or Russian. I think the similar problems have people who first time arrive to country with unknown language. In the meantime, I must to prepare and to make several things for such long absence in my family.

My participating in blog class is produce many question for me. Must I to comment to all essays that were published or only which one is interesting for me? Will be interestingly to know my opinion about their essays as like a man with other professional skills? Will be interestingly to read my own essays about the things and hobbies with which I am interesting? These questions and others are interesting for me at present stage. Will be interestingly to know what you think about this? I am waiting for your opinion.



  1. Hi Mark

    It's nice to read your post. I think I understand what you want to say. As you wrote several subjects in your post, it's hard for me to comment about all of them.

    This time,I'd like to write about nationalities. I think that his or her nationality doesn't mean almost anything for us. We have to
    communucate and know each other.

    When you are in Germany, you'd better to speak to German in English as many as possible. We are learning English to communucate with foreigners.

    I'm looking forward to having your post after your traing in Germany.
    Please let us know how you think about German.


  2. Mark - Thank you for finally joining us here.

    As for your question about commenting on other posts - of curse you do not have to comment on all of them. But do commment on as many as you can and don't skimp. Your comments should show careful reading of the original message and respond thoughtfully. If you had been commenting all along like you were supposed to, then you would not be behind now.

    For a fairly long letter, however, yours is short on specifics. Using more concrete detail will give your writing energy and make it more interesting to read.

    Tell us more about your trip to Germany, It's a big country with many provinces and cities, so just "Germany" does not
    give us your readers much information. Where in Germany will you be? How long will you be there? What kind of equipment will you be learning to use? Will you have time for side trips? What do you most want to see if you can? Have you ever been in Germany before?

    When visiting another country, anytime you know at least a few polite phrase such as greetings, people will be friendlier. Why not preparer a list of German greetings and travel expressions?

    Finally - check your use of "interesting" and "interestingly." Compare meanings and use of "interesting" and "interested." They are not the same. This usage point can be very confusing.

    Sadamu - you posted the same message twice so I deleted one.

  3. Hi Mark.
    It’s nice for someone to travel in other countries. I am from Greece and I have never visited other country. When you will come back, I hope to tell us many things about your trip.

  4. Hi everybody!

    Thanks for your comments! Of course I will write about my trip to Germany with all details but it will be only just about two months. I am remembering some words in German because I was studied this language in childhood. In the meantime, my friends and I will to prepare all things for installation of new equipment. As I mentioned earlier to dear Vanessa, I am working as technician in Israel Post Company. I am serving the Post Sorting machines. This equipment allows to sort the letters in according an address and post code. Our equipment that is working now is very old just about 15 years so that we are with high spirits waiting for changes.

    Best regards

  5. Hallo to everybody

    I was in Germany fore times; First time at January 1992, second time at summer 1997, third time at 1999 and last time was in summer 2007.

    In 1992 I was as passenger on the bus and we stopped just two or three times. Because of that I do not see so much of Germany. We catch the ferry and come over to Sweden.

    In 1997 I was there as a guest to my cousins who live in Dachau that lies north for Munich. This time I catch the airplane form Oslo that is the capital city for Norway.
    I had to catch a train from airport to Munich. From Munich I cached a metro or train to Dachau. From the train station I cached the bus to my cousin. On this trip I had just my cousin’s address anything else. Because, I asked the people for help and they was very kind to me and willing to help me. I asked young people because I thought the old people maybe can not speak English. And I thik that that is true

    In 1999 I catch the train from Halden the town in Norway and travel through Sweden and Danmark before we came to Hamborg in Germany. From here I catch another train to come to Dortmond. Here I visited my uncle and his family.

    In summer 2007 we drive with our cur through many country’s among them Germany too. This trip was very nice too.

    But it is more courteous as our teacher sad if you know any phrases in German. Therefore it is maybe good to learn any.

    Have good trip and time Mark!

    In the finish I will tall you that I become father again on first February this year. I had a cold too. Now, I am little better. I had little free time before but now it seems to have less.

    Best regards

  6. Good advice Brandy. Some older people may be more likely to be set in their way and suspicious of outsiders. Of course, that is not true of all older people. After all, look at Sadamu and me - we're happy to talk to strangers. hahaha

    Still, everyone responds to visitors making an effort to say something in their language. I think of it as being a good guest. Travlang is an excellent resource for useful expressions. You can set the language page for both your own language and the language you need expressions in. That way you get translations.

    You can make a list of expressions you think you might need.

  7. Hi All

    I travelled Munchen and Dachau where Brandy visited in 1997 by Google Earth this morning.

    I could find Munchen airport easily. I followed a railroad from there to Muchen Station and from there I got another line. I found Dachau near Munchen.

    I had known Muchen by books or newpapers but this was my first visual visit to there. As it was bird's-eye views, I could see many things there.

    Munchen is a very big city, isn't it? Dachau is likely to be a satellite of her.

    If you visit places where you want to go by Google Earth in advance,
    I do believe that you will easily understand where they are and how they look like.



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