Saturday, February 03, 2007

BBC English page for NS 4-11

Most topics on the pages below include an Activity, Test and a Worksheet. Start with an Activity by clicking on the buttons next to each topic.
  • Reading - deduction, poetry, non-fiction. Take a visit to the writing room of a 'cool' poet to discover ways to bring a piece of text to life.
  • Writing - stories and factual writing (instructions, letters, leaflets). See what's needed to make instructions and formal letters work, then have a go at writing your own.
  • Spelling & Grammar - compound & complex sentences; spelling; adjectives & adverbs
  • Games - Take a break with Game Zone. Fly your balloon over the hills of English problems and far away!


  1. Dear Vanessa!

    I studied the recommended yourself site "BBC English page for NS 4-11". I think this site very helpful for beginners (I mean myself of course too) despite it intended for children. All instructions written on simple English and this fact make the site very important for beginners. I found there lot helpful things that help me to comprehend the text. I was very glad to read the materials on this site. Must be more that sites like that!


  2. Thanks Mark. I agree that children's learning pages are great for English learners. As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on a post with more. Maybe I should post it now and not wait to add more to it. I can always add another post later.

    These sites have many advantages for learners. Not only are instructions written in simpler English, but there are also usually more pictures and illustrations to help you figure out meanings. Besides - these pages are often more colorful and entertaining.


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