Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello everyone!

Hi teacher Vanessa and everyone,

I am Yuphaphat. I have been away from the class and the blogger for a long time. There is nothing much change about me. just working and taking care of the kids. For the update, I have 2 kids - one is 2 years 3 months old, one is 10 months old. I am working part time and spend the rest of the time with the kids at home. I think about teacher Vanessa's online class today, for some reason and feel bad that I have been away for too long. So, I try to get on Blogger and am so happy to see that I am still part of the class!

I will try to keep in touch with the class more often.


  1. Hi Yupaphat - good to hear from. I'm having another round of computer problems, which slows me down. I may have to think about a replacement after all. In the meantime, I am back on public access - using the library computers - and "dropping in" on friends to "borrow" a little computer time.

    The upside is that my silence seems to have the positive effect of getting everyone else to post more. I have not had enough time on the computer to comment as much as usual but I really enjoy reading everyone's posts.

  2. Welcome Yupaphat .
    Gland to see you again after your month’s absence.
    It is very beautiful to see your kids grow up. Live these moments as much as you can. My kids is very big now, so as much I want a baby, I know that the age instance between each other would very big.

    See you...


  3. Thank you Mata and teacher Vanessa for your welcome message. I tell myself to try to visit the blog once every one to two weeks.

  4. welcome back Yupaphat .

    it's very nice to came back again with more exciting...we here waiting you and everyone to write in be the benefiting and improving in the same time..

  5. Yupaphat tell me where are you come from exactly to put you in your picture if you like.

  6. Hi Yupaphat

    Long time no see you! It's nice to learn English with you again.

    I think I'm a lazy member these days. I only posted few times a month. I'll try to visit our blog more often.


  7. Hi Mata,
    I think this might be too late for the reply to your question but I am originally from Thailand (a country in asia)and I am currently living in Montana state, USA.

    Hi Sadamu san,
    Thank you very much for your welcome messsage. Nice to come back and join everyone again too.
    De ha, ma ta!

  8. Hi Yuphaphat,

    How are you?

    It is always nice to hear comments from other students. Welcome back. I am Rajeev from New Delhi, INdia. I have been practising English on this site with Mrs. Vanessa for more than one year and I think I have improved my English a lot.

    Now, I can express myself without any hitch. I have many words at my command to express my views. It is all due to Mrs. VAnessa's efforts.

    Whenever you are free kindly mail to me at or you can post your comments on this dialogue box also. Both ways you are welcome. Together we can and we will improve our command over English language.



  9. Thank you for your kind welcome message. I can see from what you express in the sentences that your english is so good.
    Thanks for your email address at yahoo. However, I think since we are together here in class, lets post our conversation and comments here :)

  10. Hi Ms. Yuphaphat C.,

    How are you?

    Thank you very much for replying so quickly. As you are currently residing in USA which is the most developed as well as an English speaking country, you must be having some advantage of speaking with native American people. Here, in India we have English as an official language and the higher studies are offered in English language.

    Here, in India we have English speaking people but they speak mostly Hinglish (Hindi + English = Hinglish). They don't correct my wrong speaking.

    When I was in School, my English teacher Ms Abha was a Exford Grad. that too in English language. But, I could not take any benefit from her knowledge as at that time I had only two aims - to get pass marks in the exams & secondly, to play cricket.

    will write more in my next post....




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