Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Re: an update from your ESL teacher


I'm late and behind on class mail too. So we'll have to excuse each other. You are still in the class and registered as a contributor on the class blog at http://blogging-learningenglish.blogspot.com/.

I think we are evolving into more of an ESL study group than a formal class. A group is more flexible and should be more appropriate for self-paced adults anyway.

So just log on and catch up. Yupaphat, Sadamu and Rajeev have been "on break" too but are back now. We'd love to hear more about your travels.. Mata posted a map to mark where each of us are - or are from. We've been discussing whether to mark where we are now or where we are from originally. Maybe we should mark both but in different colors.

Teacher Vanessa
Teaching ESL at EFI Beginner

--- On Wed, 4/23/08, Pattanee Sungsuwan <psungsuwan@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: Pattanee Sungsuwan <psungsuwan@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: an update from your ESL teacher
To: efi_beginner@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 7:45 PM

Dear Teacher Vanessa,
Thank you for your all e-mail and very sorry late reply. After I'm moved back from USA and continue to Johanessburg and last to Combodia. Is not good with internet I can't do anything. At the moment I'm in Bangkok is my home town, since January 2008. I'm start my own bussiness here. Is my Travel agency "Beyond Asia Travel". When I'm here I must running my bussinestoo.
I would like to ask you can I continue study again?
Best Regards,


  1. Hi Ning,
    Welcome back to the group/blog. I am from Thailand too and have been checking your profile and your website also. I was thinking that I might be able to use your service! I am living in USA now. I am from Nonthaburi, Thailand.

    Nice to have you back in class with us!

  2. Hi Ms. Vanessa,

    I was never "on break". I am always ready to improve my English in any way possible. I have downloaded some of the best Ebooks on English Grammar - Prepositions in particular and am practising. But, I am still weak in phrasal verbs. I often read online newspapers (English) to improve my vocabulary but when phrasal verbs comes I have to read the para again and again to understand it.

    Recently, I have found an awesome site for improving vocabulary and most of the time I am busy on that site -


    It not only increases our vocabulary but also helps the poor people throughout the world.



  3. Rajeev,

    Please don't misread and jump to conclusions! I did not mean taking a break from studying English I meant taking a break from regular participation on the class blog

    I have a linked banner for FreeRice.com on Mountainair Arts. I can't remember whether or not I blogged it here. I may not have because the vocabulary level is advanced. It's not really a good vocabulary learning site for ESL. Too bad there is not a FreeRice site just for ESL learners. Play it to feed the hungry but don't expect too much from it as a vocabulary builder.

    By the way, you can code a URL in comments to make it an active link: Play Free Rice

  4. Hi Ms. Vanessa, How are you?

    Thank you very much for showing me the right path and yes, I apologise for jumping to the conclusion without understanding the meaning. I am sorry. I will keep this thing in mind.




  5. Sawad :D kha (Hi in Thai)Yuphaphat!
    And Hi all friend in this class...

    Thank you and nice to meet you in class.

    Is quite long time I'm break in this class and not update my blog.

    I'm came from Nonthaburi too. At the moment I turn back home and running my Travel agency. I would tell you that "I'm so busy and so tried"

    I will spend time with this class, is for sure!!

    Bye // Ning

  6. Ning

    How is the world economy affecting your business?

    By the way, if you need "travel language" in your business, take a look at Travlang

  7. Hi Ning,

    How are you?

    You are running a travel agency in Northaburi. Is it in China? I am in the dark. Running a travel agency is an uphill task.




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