Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tell me if you like my work . I have done it very quicly but it will be like this picture. I look for something better. you have to do zoom above the picture to see the tiny black person at the botom of the picture . Above his head there is his name and his country's name. It is mine. Tell me if you agreed with my idea and if you like the picture and my work. Tai knows how to work on picture better than me. Maybe she has to add something else better or maybe can help me . Tell me your opinion or your ideas


  1. Hi Mata,
    That was a really good quick work you did on the map. I like your work and I agree with you to have a map addressing everyone's names with their countries. However, one thing I think we could adjust a little in the map is the size of the black person. He might be too big when we put him on my country.

  2. Good morning from Greece. Thank you for your comment.

    It is Sunday morning and the weather is gorgeous. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is very clean. Always is clean because it not a big town but today I find very fresh. Maybe today it is an opportunity to go for a first swimming at the sea.

    You will notice that the black person put him at the bottom of the map. My country isn’t there. It is exactly the white line begins. If I done him smaller size we couldn’t see him because of the picture’s size. I’ll put all the sketch’s persons of you at bottom too with the white line which it will begins from your country too. But all these are thoughts.
    At the route of this work will be changes. Maybe I’ll find another map better than this or other tiny persons. We’ll see. The important thing is to collect the address all of us. This work does not finish now. Maybe pass some months.
    I’ll find a site with maps and details for each country. Maybe all classmates use the same map to show us exactly their countries and some details for them.

    I’ll send you the route of this map, and an example about me, to see what I mean.

  3. Thank you Mata. I did not mean to make a comment on it, just the idea. I know you have good plan about it and it is very nice of you to think about this for everyone in the class.

  4. Hi Mata and all others, Hi

    I like the idea very much. I am in New Delhi, India. But, I am not Computer expert so don't know how to do all these things.



  5. I think that you need to edit post and replace map when names are addeed instead of making a new post.

    WORLD not "worl"

  6. Emey commented on one of world maps posts - good idea and letting you know she is from Saudi Arabia so you can add her name.

    Edited maps are very easy to replace - just delete old on click the image icon in the toolbar for the dialog box to upload the revised image.

    And maybe not such a large image. This one is wallpaper size - slow uploading.

    Maybe there is a map tool - a widget or flash application - that we could edit/ update individually.

  7. Mata

    Mexico is a country. I don't live in Mexico. I live in the state of NEW MEXICO

  8. Sorry Ms Vanessa. I fix it.I'll do upload the new picture in a minute.

  9. Hi Shri Mata,

    How are you?

    Thank you very much for placing my name on World map. It's great and an innovative idea.



  10. Hi Mata & everyone,
    Thanks for adding my name in the map too.
    I have a question for you and teacher Vanessa to help with it though. I am originally from Thailand but I live in USA now. Should I be from Thailand or USA?
    The other thing that I noticed on the map is, the font/color using on each person are different. Was that what you want to do on purpose?
    One more thing, teacher Vanessa said she lives in state of New Mexico, USA. Should we put New Mexico or USA since all other's shows the country name, not city or state name.
    Thanks again.

  11. Thank you everyone that you like my idea.
    I was thinking this idea a long time ago. Now I had a little free time and I use it for this idea. But this picture isn’t the final. When I add all the class I make a new one with some changes that I have in my mind. Maybe to find a new map or change the persons and find better ones; I’ll see. I like to work on a picture, so it’s a pleasure for me to do all this.

    I notice that I don’t know all the classmates here. Maybe I don’t remember them because they don’t join often our blog.

    Yupaphat my opinion is that it’s better to use the Thailand. Because is your country.
    The color for the each person that I use is black. All the persons are black. Maybe you see other colors because of your computer. Check it.
    The map’s picture has not details for the place in which live. This picture is only for our countries. Is already large and I can’t use larger for extra details.
    But Ms Vanessa sent us an online map which is very good and we can add exactly the place that we live. I’ll send you the address to what I mean and I’ll ask from Ms Vanessa to see it and then if see agreed to explain to us what have to do. I’ll explain to you but my vocabulary is not so rich and I am afraid that maybe tell you something wrong.

    See you ..

  12. Ms Vanessa look at this map that I find. This one of them, that you send to us.
    Maybe you read and understand how we can share it at our blog, and adding our names by ourselves. I’ll look for another map like this. It is easy each one of us add his/her name. But I don’t know how share it all together.

    This is the address


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