Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello all and Ms Vanessa

I hope everyone is well. I thought something to work on it all together. I want to make a world map as a picture and write on, it our names. I’ll write my name above the Greece’s country. You have to post here where do you live exactly and every time I'll add your name to your country. With this way we’ll know where come from each other off us. I don’t know much about geography and it is a way to learn something more. If you agree Ms Vanessa and all of you I'll look for a full-size map. I’ll send you a off-hand picture as an example to understand what I mean.

Ms Vanessa I prepare to write the assignment that you ask from us a month ago. It was about an artist in or from our country. It is difficult to decide for whom I write. I’m thinking to write about Kazantzakis’s life. I know almost nothing for him. It is an opportunity to learn more things for this person. So next the days I’ll have to study some links for Nikos Kazantzakis, and then I’ll do my assignment.


  1. Hi I took a look at your work and left a comment for you there.

  2. Mata

    The map is a wonderful idea & class project. We can can expand on it too - maybe collaborarate on an "about where we are from" page.

    The artist bio project is for visual artists - living or dead, modern or classical

    Modern Greek Art

    Ancient Greek Art

    Most of us have been exposed to Classical Greek art in school, but I bet I am not the only one ignorant about modern visual arts in Greece - painting, sculpture, architecture, folk art, photography and so on.

  3. Hi Mata

    I'm interested in your idea.
    I live in Saitama prefecture, Japan. It is in the central part of Japan. It is north-west of Tokyo. It takes an hour by train to go to Tokyo from my place. Please add my name on your map.


  4. Hi Ms Vanessa , Yuphaphat and Sadamu. I add your names in the map.
    Take a look and tell me if I have done something wrong with the countries.


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