Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hi all
how are you?
in last times, when I was absent ...I went to an another city with my family and we spent a nice vacation there.now I came back again with my family to my village...it's has a beautiful sight seeing..
these is the pictures:
the far part is a new village and the nearest is the old village
this picture for the old houses of my village....but people today don't live in it...now it is not competent for living
those houses from old years..maybe since 150 or 200 years ago or more..it is built from stone and mud
this is a fort

this picture for levee. it is from long time since 1000 years ago or more...but a part from it broken from the water...this place around it, always filling in water after falling the rain
this is the the side of levee
the last picture from the new city


  1. Hi Emey

    Thank you for the nice pictures :)

    Was it plenty of water in the past, like 1000 years ago ?
    Nowadays, it seem like dry area somehow. That's what I guessed from the pictures. What is the weather like in this city by the way ?


  2. hi
    thanks for reanswer
    yes that place is dry..the weather there very hot in the summer but cold in the winter..the weather maybe among 29 to 35C in summer....but in the winter the weather among 4 to 16.

  3. Hi Emey
    I hope to enjoyed your vacation.
    thank you for your picture.
    The temperature here in Greece is the same with your village.
    But the last four years we have very hot summers.

  4. thank you mata for your letter....
    I didn't know about the temperature in Greece it was like that...I was thought it very cold...but thank you for that information.

  5. Hi Emey

    Thank you very much for your pictures. I enjoyed looking them.

    You wrote that you had visited your village. Were you born here in this place? When were you transfered to the new city?

    I'm also interested in the levee. Where do you get water now in the new city? Do you use groundwater?

    I understand where you live.
    "Seeing is believing". You are likely not to live in a mild climate.


  6. Hi Sadamu
    Thank you very much for reply...
    I born in new city....
    the levee fill in water after the raining.. but new city like any new city used the new ways and the water got arrived to houses....

  7. Hi Emey,
    I missed meeting you from the beginning. Where are you from? My name is Yuphaphat, from Thailand. I live in the US now. I am married and have 2 kids.
    By the way, I see the pictures you posted. The old city looks kind of hot to me. I don't see a lot of trees there but there are plenty of tree (or you might call it forest) close to the village. My country-Thailand-is hot too, especially in April-May. The town I live in now called Havre, Montana State, the weather is way opposite from what it is in my country so my body needs to adjust so much to the new life style. In Montana, as it is on the North-West of USA, the weather is cool~cold most of the time. It is hot in the summer though. Hope to share with you again, everyone.
    Yuphaphat C.

  8. Hi Yuphaphat...nice to meet you here...too
    I'm from Saudi Arabia...it's true my city hot in the summer...people in my city like's the farms..it's just farms beside each other.
    thank you

  9. thanks Emey. Nice to meet you too.


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