Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picture of my village ,Paralio Astros

Hello all .I send you some pictures of my village, and some words from its history.
I have grow up here since 1985 and I loved this place. Maybe the reason is that I love the sea . This is not island but it seems to you like island.
I’d like to see your pictures from your place that you live.

In April 1823, accommodated the 2nd Constitutional Assembly of the Greeks. The building that the Constitutional Assembly took place (next to the Ancient Museum) is a beautiful neoclassic building and it is described as perceivable monument. In Paralio Astros there is a gothic Venetian castle in the south peek of the hill. The natives used to say it "Island". In the latest years the castle was formatted in a strong, defensive complex. It has quadrilateral top view and keeps a big section of the fortification enclosure. In 18th century, three brothers (merchants from abroad) Zafeiropouloi, returned to their country in order to combat against the Turks.
On the same hill you can distinguish the sections of the wall of classical ages. From the castle, the view from Argolicos gulf is fabulous. The "Island" is the most graphical section of Paralio Astros with the traditional stone-made houses. At the edge of the dock there is a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre. The port has the ability to keep many sailing boats every summer

There is a continuous road connection from Paralio Astros to Athens- which is capital of Greece- with buses (duration 2 hours). Also the distance from Historical Nafplion is 30 km.

Close to Paralio Astros there is the hygrograph of Moustos, a beautiful lake which feeds from a source with brackish water. It is a rest station of emigrant birds and entertain a big variety of birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and a small number of Careta-Careta turtles. The lake is connected to the sea with two artificial channels. The hygrograph is placed among the Natural European Network 2000 as a protected area, and is offered for a quiet walk. In this link you can see all the pictures.


  1. Gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from all the different places you live. A while back I found pictures of the setting for Shakespeare's Othello for a literature class I was teaching online. Venetian fortresses on a Greek island. I'd read about the historical Venetian presence but seeing brings information to life, makes it real, in a way that just reading can't. That is why whenever I taught literature courses, I always looked for visuals. Before using the internet, that meant trips to the library and hauling heavy loads of books to class.

    Don't forget that you should always credit your sources too.

    I found this page on the history of Palios Astros that has the same information and some passages word for word. Anytime you use someone else's words, you must let your readers know and tell them where you got the words from - even if you change the phrasing some.

  2. Hi Ms Vanessa .

    Paralio Astros isn’t my vllage. It’s my husband’s village. I don’t know his history. I searched as you and I found probably the same page. I didn’t keep it as a secret. But these days I don’t have free time. In about two Weeks from now the Christian people celebrate the resurrection (?)Of Jesus so I’ll work full time for three weeks like the summer. That’s the reason that I copied some information. It was my mistake that I didn’t mention it. My desire to see my village was so big, that I look to find quickly for some information for all. There are so many things that they are missing for this site… and so much mistakes. And there is a lot thing to tell you about. I didn’t like these information of this site but I hadn’t time to look for another. I change some words like ‘Astros’ to ‘Paralio Astros’ because there is big difference!! ‘Astros’ and Paralio Astros’ are TWO different villages. Not one as they usually write some people. And sometimes when they talk for the ‘Astros’ they mean ‘Paralio Astros’. Astros isn’t beautiful like Paralio Astros!!! It has nothing to show to us. This is the reason that sometimes I feel very angry with some people.
    These are my thoughts. I don’t want to think that only copied and that’s it.seldom do this, and there is some serious reason.

    If you hit this address, will you see my site but there is not translation to English. That the reason I didn’t mention it.

    So after three weeks from now I’ll write about an artist in or from my country as you told us.

    Thank you for your observation


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