Wednesday, January 16, 2008

VOA Special English Features - Read and Listen Daily, All on one page

Charles Kelly, who has the "many things" ESL page, just announced an update.  "VOA Special English Features - Read and Listen Daily" now includes the text and MP3 player for VOA's 2 daily "features."

If you subscribe the the RSS feed in iTunes, you also get the complete "text" in  the description tag.  This means you can also read the text on your iPod as well, if you access the "description" on your iPod.

I hope you will find this useful.


  1. Hi Vanessa
    I knew this site it's very good. I am subscribed in their email group, they are sent a weekly report it including many of topics to listen and reading. Also you can download MP3 or print the text to listen to it on iPod and I did that, it's really a good site.

  2. Emey - thanks for the feedback. I've been recommending VOA Special English for years and have alway had really positive responses from students. Sadamu tells us the VOA special vocabulary helped him get started reading the news. I'm pleased and impressed too by the way they keep adding features like this one.

    Even though this is not a speaking class, we can still share and compare speaking resources and sites - collaborate to develop our own self-study program for comprehension and speaking.

    By the way, has anyone tried out Vaestro or Chinswing to practice speaking?


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