Thursday, January 31, 2008

My review for Alzheimer’s disease



  1. Good work Mata - an interesting overview of Alzheimer's. I see a lot of improvement in your writing.

    Is anyone in the class helping take care of someone with Alzheimer's or otherwise involved with the condition? I may be getting old enough that I need to start watching for signs but hope I am safe for a while yet. As Mata noted, staying mentally active helps.

    A New Mexico poet I know started a poetry reading program for Alzheimer's

    The Alzheimer's Poetry Project

  2. Thank you for your good essay about Alzheimer's disease !
    I had several frends with this disease and doctors can't to help them.
    It's big tragedy for these people and for their relatives. As you mentioned in your review, exercises for our brain can to prevent this disease but unfortunately I knew some people which were mentaly active all their life and that not help them to prevent this disease.

  3. Thank Ms Vanessa and Mark for your good words.

    At first, I found it very interesting article, but I didn’t know if I can explain it rightly because it was big enough for me. I wanted to use correctly the paragraphs and their meanings. We know that when we want something to do and work on it, the results it will be good.
    My opinion is that if we work with this way, we can improvement our writing and the English language generally. It helps me a lot. I like this method of writing. I hope that everybody to find it good as exercise.


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