Thursday, January 03, 2008

my resolution for new year

Merry christmas Vanessa and every body ....I want to write my resolutions here

my resolution for new year

I promise to exploit of good chances to raise my life on top .
do thing good when the chance come .
I promise to listen to my teacher .
improve my english by all skills it and study almost every day .
spend a lot of time with my family .
enjoy life more .

my hopes

I hope to read the books by english without problem in language
I hope to design my web site
last year best thing that happened : I finished my course of computer diploma
worst thing that happened: death of wife my brother



  1. Emey

    Those are very good resolutions. Have you thought about specific steps to follow them successfully?

    What will you do to improve your English when you study daily? Will you listen to English recordings and programs? Will you try to read in English a little bit every day?

    I agree - enjoying life is important and so is doing good things whenever we have the opportunity.

  2. hi

    thanks Vanessa for reply, actually I am presently learning from BBC-Cds and I read and listen from (VON for news of world) it's good site. I realy need to listen more.


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