Friday, January 04, 2008

My New Year Day's Resolutin

Hi All

New Year Day had come again. I made my New Year Day's resolution yesterday. I'd made it last year too. As I made it only about learning English last year, I decided to make it about my whole life this year.

1 Fit in fitness and keep my weight
I believe that I'm able to be in good shape if I can stop eating between meals. Since I was a child, I liked eating snacks and big meals. So I made many efforts to loose weight. Now I weigh 68 kilograms and it's almost OK. I always have good appetite. It's very difficult for me to overcome it.

2 Learn my hobbies deeply
2-1 to make progress in learning English
2-1-1 I'll do followings everyday.
(1) I'll read an article on web news paper
(2) I'll listen News on CNN, BBC, and NBC etc at least 5 minutes.
(3) I'll try to utter News and record and listen to it.
(4) I'll write my journal.

2-1-2 I'll post to Blogging English and write to three friends in English once a month.
2-1-3 I'll take English conversation class twice a month.
2-1-4 I'll read three e-books this year. All books was left over from last year.

2-2 to improve my skill to play bridge
I attended many tournaments last year and I got 15 MP( master points) last year. I'll attend bridge school and tournaments as many as possible this year.

2-3 to play my ocarina better than now
I practised to play ocarina but I couldn't make big progress on it last year. I try to make progress on it this year too. I'd like to show you my performance at the end of this year.



  1. Sadamu

    Maybe you could make sound files of playing the ocarina for us to listen to, If you don't have a place to upload them to, I can upload them the EFI Beginner file manager and post the link here.

    Does anyone else in the class play a musical instrument?

    Are bridge terms in English? I bet playing bridge with English speaking players would be good practice for both bridge and English. There are also some excellent columns about bridge written in English.

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you very much for your advices. I'll study how I can make my sound files. Please give me a time for a while.

    It seems for me to be fun to play bridge with English speaking players. I've never played bridge
    on internet. I'll interested in playing bridge on it. I'll try to do it too.

    Thank you again for your advices.
    They challenge me to new fields for me.



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