Monday, January 28, 2008

I return from trip in Athens.

Hello to all and you Ms Vanessa. I come back at my home two days ago. My trip is nice. Actually I rested a lot. I had to visit my sister and my children.
My sister has a beautiful baby boy. Lacily it is very quite baby. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in her home because one of my daughters was sick. I mustn’t go there until she gets well. But I visited after a few days. In the mean time I went for a shopping. Here in Greece we use the expression “shopping therapy”.
Generally it was the first time that I had only to go for a walk, or for a coffee, or for a visit. But ‘home sweet home’. I’m glad that I came back. I missed this class. You are my friend. I know (and you know) that somewhere there is someone that wants to listen me. Even I want to speak for a disease
Today is the day that I have to begin the things that you ask for us.
So I decide to write a review for Alzheimer’s disease .I found the article from
‘The New York Times’ newspaper. I found it interesting. But it is big enough so I need some time to study it. I think that you find it interesting too. Before a month ago I saw an English movie with this subject. It is very-very good movie. The movie’s title is “The Notebook”. Perhaps you know this movie.
Another reason that I want to read this article is that sometimes I forget some things. I wonder if this disease comes after me or beside me.

Also I have to write a report about the ‘the new year resolutions’ .This is easy.
The next days I’ll study and by the end of this week I’ll post to you.

Regards matoula

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