Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear Teacher Vanessa and classmates,

I am back. I still have jet lag. I will view all the articles and learning materials during my absence, and try to catch up with you guys.



  1. Hi Ginyin,

    We really miss you. How is your father -in-law going? I hope fine.

  2. Hi, khadija,

    Thank you for your care. It's really nice to see you again. I have stayed at Taiwan for three weeks. I did not check in here because I did not have access to do so. My father-in-law has started receiving chemotheraphy by mouth. That's uncomfortable experience for him. He has lost appetite and weight. because of my job, my in-law asked me a lot of questions and needed my help when he went to hospital. His doctor said he has six months to live. We all felt conflict because we were not sure whether we should give him chemotherapy or not. Everyone wants him to have a good qaulity life, but if he did not recieve any medical help, we may lose him very soon. We have to do what we need to do, and pray for him. Hopefully my kids can meet him this summer.

  3. Glad to have you back, Ginyin - check out the posts. We've been busy - plenty of interesting stuff here

  4. Hi Gingin,

    Nice to have you back here hope you have left a nice memory over there inspite of illness of your father-in law. Hope he is doing better now.

  5. Hi Ginyin,
    I’m glad that you come back. I was in the hospital too. My husband’s sister had to do a surgery. I had to go in Athens for a few days to help her. I came back at home a few hours ago. I feel tired but luckily everything is good now.
    I’ll want to wish the same thing for your father in-law but the life don’t bring us the things as we want. You have to be strong. I’m sure that you and your family doing the best for him. Don’t feel sad and give him as you love as you have inside you. This is the best for everyone.


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