Sunday, March 04, 2007



I'm sorry if I wrote in a post because I include some links in my message and I want to make them operational since the possibility of hypertext is absent in the space reserved for comments . Also, I tried to use the HTML language, but in vain.

Anyway, during the last period, I discovered two wonderful blogs that I try everyday to read a post of them . The first one is my marrakesh .
Teacher Vanessa, I'm sure that you will enjoy reading it.
The second one is a food blog which has a French title " la tartine gourmande". The writer is a french and lived in US. I admire the entire blog: the writing style, the pictures, and the recipes.

On the other hand, I tried to put the SQ3R in practice with my children. They were so excited to test it, especially when I told them this strategy of reading is taught me by Vanessa!

At the end,instead of reading online newspapers, I watched political and economic news that what I'm intersting in on the TV.


  1. Khadija

    How exciting for me that your children are excited about learning something I taught. We hear and read about how education spreads - "each one teach one" is a common grassroots literacy program slogan - but being part of the chain makes it so much more meaningful.

    I've been able to put links in comments with html tags. I found out that if I ask to preview the post, blogger tells me it won't accept the tag for an active link. However, it does accept the code and publishes them as active links if I DON'T preview. Go figure. I can't explain it!

    I love both of the blogs. I sure wish there had been blogs when I lived in Egypt. Hey - there was not even public internet back then! Seriously, blogs are a good source for reading practice - you are sure to be able to find blogs on subjects that interest you. I bet Sadamu could find blogs on the ocarina.

    Speaking of blogs, a number of you started your own blogs. Have you been keeping up with them? Please post link to your blog here so we can visit and leave comments.

  2. Hi teacher Vanessa,

    My blog is not yet ready. Be sure that you will be the first to know about when I finish all the preparations.

  3. Hi, Khadija,

    thanks for your sharing. I like these links you recommended. They are interesting, especially the first one.


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