Saturday, March 17, 2007


There are many ouotstanding self-study sites online for grammar. All have interactive exercises for review, practice & immediate feedback. Many include power point for the benefit of visual learners.

Here are a few of my favorites - student tested - to get you started. Don't feel that you need to use all of them - look for the ones that best suit you and your personal learining style. Don't fret if you find them too difficult: they are also not beginner study resources. Try them again when you are further along.

Daily Grammar - lesson by e-mail

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Big Dog's Grammar

Grammar Bytes


Grammar handouts from the Purdue Writing Center (many with links to exercises)

Grammar Slammer

Online English Grammar (not familiar with this one but looks promising)

Bluebook of Grammar

KISS approach to studying grammar


  1. Thank you Ms Vanessa for this links. They are very helpuful for me.I check them one by one.

    I studied the Oxymorons . I found them litlle diffucult to catch the right meaning , but if It wasn't like this , wont be nessesary to be here.

  2. Hello Teacher Vanessa,
    Thank you for this nice posting though each and every posting is full of resources I already have signed up in and getting every day new grammar is good too. owl.english is really good site for us now I am going to stick to it. I want to improve my run on sentences.

  3. Vanessa

    Thank you for your information. As I aware of my weakness in my grammer these days, I decided to have a subscription to Daily Grammer Lesson. Though I had only two days of it, it is likely to be useful for me. I'm going to have this for a while.



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