Thursday, March 08, 2007

Do you know any thing about "Blog" ?

Hello everyone :)

Hmm, I think this is my first time to post some article on this blog.
Well, when you heard "Blog" at the first time,what did come up in your mind first

For me, I still memorise when my friend told me to make the"blog". I though it sound like "block or "Box". Hmm, why I had to make a box, what did he suppose to be?

After he explained me that the blog is a user-generated website where I can write some journal, save or upload photographs, videos or musics and share my blog to the world wide in the internet and exchange the experience. wow, I's cool .. I though :)

Actually,The term "blog" is derived from "web log". "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
(I couldn't find the meaning in my dictionary. Maybe it's too old :P)

The term blog is commonly acredited to the web-journal pioneer Travis Petler. He coined the term on his personal blog in early September of 1997 while studying at Brown University. His use of the word spread to other college campus' where other weblogs were present.
Ref: For more information and blog's history.

Ok now everyone might know about Blog, so the next question is what can we do with blog ?
Everyone might guess that we can write everything whatever you like. Something is dealing with your experiences and you would like to share your idea to people in this cyber space.

In addition, blog can lead people who are interested in the same thing to meet each other. Eventhough, people come from the different zone country, religion and also language but what's surprise that they can exchange opinions same as we are doing right now ^^

Next time i will write a simply turtorial how to decorate blog, how to add any multimedia such as music, video a lot of thing can play with blog. There are a lot of fun can play with "Blog":)

Yay, enjoy with writing on the blog.
Take care & see you soon,


  1. Hi Tai,

    Thank you for choicing this topic to write about. As I let you know from my comments, I'm in preparation for a food blog. The idea of a blog at a first sight seemed to me unrealizable since I'm not a computer literate,but with good will I seached and I'm still searching in new fields like the HTML, CSS,3D and so on.

    By the way, I wait with impatience what you will write about the decoration of blogs.

  2. Hello Khadija,
    Nice to hear that your are interested my tutorial. I remember that you ever told me to make the food blog. Have you created one yet ?

    Hmm, and about the tutorial I think I should wait the permission form teacher Vanessa first because the topics not relate about English.

    Btw, I have done one tutorial about the basic one. Check it up at my blog . If some thing is not correctly please me know and next one will come up later on :=)

    Have a nice day

  3. Tai

    If your tutorial is in English, then it is appropriate for the class - all the more so because we encourage class members to start their own blogs for practice writing in English. Your blogs do not have to be about learning English!

    I thought I blogged more about blogging & learning but that may have been in e-mail sent to class and efi_beginner group. I found a number of links to good articles on both subject. I'll look for them to repost.

  4. Hello Tai.
    thank you for send ti us information about Blog. Some day I've been thinking to create one.
    I try once but something didn't right. I'll try again in the future. Also I have to think what kind of blog need to create.
    I take a look to your blog. It's nice . And you have the kind of music that I listening.
    When I'll decide to create a blog, maybe you can help me. I want to put in music , pictures...
    But not yet.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Ahh ok, I will write tips how to add Movies/Musics/photo galleries soon. Hopefully next weekend.

  6. Hi Tai

    Thanks for selecting a very contemporary topic. I was not able to write any message because of the trouble of the computer. I have known a lot of new things from your post. I went to your blog too it's really great. I am looking forwrd your new tips.

  7. Hi Tai,

    Did you ever heared that big talker is small maker!-I hope that can made a sense in English, because it is only a literal translation of a famous French proverb. Seriously, I don't think it is easy to run a food blog without any basic skills of computer. So, I had to learn before doing any steps-do I have right?
    my problem is that I don't have enough time to learn such things which need a lot of time and patience. Just imagine I steal only few minutes to sit in front of my computer.

    On the other side, I visited your blog and read the tutorial about HTML language that remind me some rules I already learned them. Do you know something about the frames? did you already test DREAMWEVER or others edit programs?

    send you my best wishes.

  8. Hello every thanks for every comments :)

    It might be I start writing with dificult thing .. ok next time I will capture pictures which every one can follow step by step.

    "big talker is small maker" ahh yes I can understand what you mean, but I would say "nobody can do everything in the begining" right ? It just take a time to learn the new thing. I belive everyone can do ^^

    I think you can start with writing first because the purpose of teacher Vanessa need our to practice writing english, just one paragraph it's better than never.

    For decorating, you can do later, I just would like every enjoy to play with writing blog, don't need to be serious about it. I will find the stuff toy to play with blog later. I promise It will be fun, no serious :P

    Actually the Blogger offer the basic tools for writing blog becuase lots of people don't know about HTML.

    If you read about the history in the Wikipedia from the link about blog, you will see that why blog was grown up until now.

    For your aim which you are going to write something about food. I belive that you know very well a lots about food. You can write lots of thing about it or whatever is related to the food. You know, something you think that it is commond for you but it might be the big thing for sombody else.

    For example, "I eat the fried worm in Thailand as the snack. Ok now I gonna explain cookbook how can I did, what tast it is blah blah ..." or tips&tricks something like that. You see lots of fun heheh^^

    Waitting for your cookbook :=)~


  9. Hi, Tai,

    Nice to see your post. You said you'll write more tutorials and tips on your blog, but I did not see any things.


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