Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Introduce Myself

Hi All,

This is my first post in this blog I like to inroduce I to all the classmates of teacher Vanessa. I am thirty years old Indian lady who is living USA right now with her family .I have a daughter who is five years old and my husband is a computer engineer. I had done my master in History. Knowing different culture and history of different country is one of my hobbies. Another hobby is cooking. I love doing different things doing same thing make me bore that is why I love to try new new recipe not only indian recipe I love mexican, chinse, and thai food so I try to make them too. I play with my daughter and we make origami, craft, drawing, painting with finger prints and differrent vegetables etc. I have studied in varnacular media so from my childhood I always wanted to learn english for that I tried to read english books watched english movies whenever I got chance I spoke english (oviously wrong english).After coming USA I faced so many problem because of not knowing english so I decided I will have to learn this language and after long searching I found study.com a really good site for all level english learner. I am so lucky that I got a teacher like Vanessa and now there is no question about not learning english perfectly. After reading about her in her blog I am so inspired the way she is managing the blog that it is amazing. God bless her.

I am also learning computer to get a better job here and English as well. Calendrula is one of my favourite flowers and I love the name that is why I used that name. My good name is Nandita. Thanks a lot to teacher Vanessa she is helping us to give so many good study materials and suggessions.



  1. Nandita

    Khadija's hobby is cooking too. She is thinking about starting a recipe / cooking blog.

    Maybe everyone can share a favorite recipe. ESL Recipes? You and Khadija can collect recipes from all over the world.

    Reading cooking and crafts pages and blogs would be good practice and also be something that interests you.

    There is field called "transnational culture studies." I've decided that's what we're doing here.

  2. I'm love cooking and love to eat Indian food. Unfortunately I can't cook indian food. Nan bread with garlic and shrimp tandori or vandaro are my favorite.My hobby is fruit carving also.

    I think that's ture Vannessa's said "can share a favorite recipe". hu hu...

  3. Hi, Nandita,

    I love cooking ,too. I had seen your blog before you changed your blog setting. There are many beautiful pictures. Can you share some recipes for us? I want to learn how to cook Indian food. I think that will be great.

  4. Hello

    My name is Jorge Hernandez, I´m forty two years old and work as a graphic designer in a small printshop,
    I have not any degree as a designer but always have been working as one of them or as a drawer, I live in San Salvador,
    El Salvador, Central America; now full of people and of course "problems" as any other modern and crowded city
    of Latin America, I live with my parents, sister and a little and bright niece who shine our daily live.
    At university I study English but quit past two years. Now with the design program for computer I need to understand English, read it and be able to catch the idea when listening or some times speaking and translating, anyway I like English, is now an international language that is good to know. In efi I´ve found an interesting place to work for it and hope Teacher Vanessa be patient with me, she works a lot, I want to do it too. so, many thanks for give me the chance.

  5. Jorge

    Just off hand I don't remember who, but I am pretty sure you aren't the only designer with computer interests in the class. The correct term for "drawer" would probably be "draftsman" or maybe eve "commericial artist," although there might be a different term for computer graphics artists.

    Like I wrote Ginyin about medical and health care English, your area also has its own specialized vocabulary or jargon. In your case, you'd should look good glossaries in computers, computer graphics and commercial art.

    Links to graphics glossaries

    Online tutorials with lots of illustrations and screen shots would make good reading practice in your professional area.

    What is Computer Graphics?

    Computer drawing and animation


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