Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Input - listening practice

Remember our discussion about learning and the importance of "input" (taking in language by reading and listening) for acquiring vocabulary and basic structures (grammar)? I am working up a long post explaining Krashen's theories about language learning.

In the meantime, someone at the EFI instructors' discussion group recommended for leaving and listening to voice messages - a voice discussion forum that you can listen to.

First steps in using Chinswing
About Chinswing

If you check it out, please tell us know what you think - good or bad. It's new, so there are bound to be at a few bugs to cope with.

PS - don't forget to post your introductions and respond to other introductions if you have not yet done so:

If you have just reading (and commenting) privileges, you can post your introduction as a comment to "Getting to know one another." Read the other introductions and comment on some.

If you are listed as a "Contributor," you can introduce your self in either a new post or as a comment to "Getting to know one another."

Here are Nandita's and Sadamu's introductions.

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  1. well this website, , is very nice to speaking discussion and parctice. It look more advance than webboards. I haven't seen any bug yet. Ok I am going to look around first if have any problems I will post again. Thank you Vanessa gives us this website.


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