Thursday, December 21, 2006

Content suggestions, anyone?

In "How this works," I wrote, "I'm open to suggestions - but not bound to following them." I meant suggestions about content. What kind of materials, resources, writing prompts would you like to see here? Lessons? Readings? Links? Of course there will be links: that goes without saying.

At some point, I will try out Blogger Beta's new editing and design features. Frankly, I am not in a hurry since upgrading the template will lose ALL the changes I made in to the template html. At least this is a new blog so losses won't be that hard to replace. Needless to say, I am extremely reluctant about changing older blogs with more template editing changes.

So here's my question for you: what content do you most want to see here? What topic or language points should we address first?

PS: Notice that I wrote we - not I.


  1. There are so many we should learn about English. I don't know where to start.
    Vacabuary and grammer is foundation of writing. Reading also requirs these abilities. Thus, we can't ignore the other elements, either. I like the post'Parts of Speech' because it make me understand what I need to work on. I believe when I know it better, It will help me to reduce errors in writing and reading, even in speaking.

  2. Hello every one,
    My I dea is ...

    The one thing which I can use for every day in my real situation. Perhaps it sound like conversation.

    For example, today I am goning to write some greeting card but I know only "merry christmas", "happy new year"... I write something every year. It sound borring. I think I should find something new something like that. well, I know this maybe simply for somebody else, but for me not, what do you think ? :)

    Yes, I agree with Ginyin as well. Grammar and any kind of part of speech. In addition, I think we should have Pre-test and and post-test of grammar in every first weekend and in the last weekend of each month respectively. Then next step, we may post something which he/she made mistakes and let's discussion, and also Vanessa help us what is the week point which we should be improved.

    The last one which I would like to be much more practiced is "preposition" or "preposition phrase". I am unconfidence when I am going to use in my writing.

    Merry christmas :)

  3. Tai

    Whenever you overthink writing and what you are going to write, your writing will sound stiff and lack energy. The best advice: just write and be yourself.

    If you want to keep your greeting cards from being boring, personalize them. Write to the person the card is for. Don't just copy familiar holiday greetings.

    Sorry to "rain on your parade: I disagree about having monthly pre & post tests. Too frequent testing is not only invalid but also, not an effective learning strategy. Frequent testing might help some students, but would be bad for more students than it would benefit.

    The same goes for publicly tearing apart or critiquing writing. However, it wouldbe useful to post anonymous sample sentence discuss.

    Prepositions are a big topic - too big to lump all preposition use problems together. Preposition use in most languages is highly idiomatic. There are idiomatic expressions with prepositions, phtasals, different kinds of prepositions, different uses (place, direction, time), compound prepositions, preopositional phrases, and so on.

    Do not expect to master prepositions with just a few lessons. They will be one of the very last areas you truly master. Correct preposition use is one of the final markers - even more than accent - of near native fluency. So be patient.

  4. The Blog is doing excellent job.Everyday we are trying to express a little idea about some topics.Native language and learning language is totally different espeacially if it is different country's language I took long time to understand this. As India is a multylingual country we can speak atleast one more language except our mother tounge and those language have little bit similarity.In our country we learn english from 1st grade till 12th grade but that is very little than the other subject but it increase with the grade.But at that time we tried to learn by herart. I did not know why things are coming like this or why we are using that.I am pretty sure very few of us can write one paragraph correctly.So there is something we did not follow or we did not study.I can say about imitation that process teach something but that does not last long.I am agree with our teacher Vanessa that too much testing also does not work we will do the same thing (learn by heart) so that will definitely forget after sometime.One thing I realized more we speak more our fluency will come and more we write our vocabulary and writing will improve.

  5. Hello!

    My name´s Jorge Hdez and have visited this blog only twice and what I see this second time it is good, seems very fine to me; a very beginner english student, I hope it continues equally.


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