Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Extensive Reading?

The rationale plus various views, definitions and permutations of the term Extensive Reading

Characteristics of Extensive Reading

from Day & Bamford, p. 7-8

Extensive Reading: Why? and How

by Timothy Bell, from The Internet TESL Journal

The Inescapable Case for Extensive Reading

By Rob Waring, included in A. Cirocki (Ed.) Extensive Reading in English Language Teaching

The Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading

Postgraduate Study & Research

Extensive Reading: What Is It? Why Bother?

by Julian Bamford & Richard R. Day, The Language Teacher, May 1997

Graded and Extensive Reading — Questions and Answers

by Rob Waring, The Language Teacher, May 1997

The Language Learning Benefits of Extensive Reading

by Paul Nation, The Language Teacher, May 1997

Reaching Reluctant Readers

by Richard Day and Julian Bamford, in Forum, Vol 38 No 3, July – September 2000

Reading courses – a question of self-motivation?

by Andrew Barfield, Learning Learning, Vol.3, no.3 (January, 1997)

SSS Extensive Reading Method Proves Effective Way to Learn English

by FURUKAWA Akio, SEG (Scientific Education Group), April 2006

Telling the Truth about Extensive Reading

by Jasna Dubravcic, The Language Teacher, December 1996

Why Extensive Reading should be an indispensable part of all language programs

by Rob Waring (PDF file)

Why do you like Extensive Reading?

Responses to a questionnaire conducted by Rob Waring, Autumn 1999.

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